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  1. The old Brecht building was torn down after the fire sorry to say.
  2. Thanks guys for the excellent research. Lots of new material. For those who are interested. The Brecht Company had a very extensive manufacturing operation. The catalog has hundreds of items. They equipped meat packing houses around the world. According to my father they started a line of refrigerated display cases some time in the twenties or thirties. They had problems which drained the company and the founders had enough. They liquidate the company and retired. A side note is the guys who founded Hussmann worked there. This company still exists and is one of the largest makers of food d
  3. Thanks T-Head for the information from your website. I'm getting the impression that the Brecht Automobile Co. marketed most parts in the United States. Still, I haven't given up looking for a working or non-working model.
  4. Thanks 37Packard and Wayne for your information. I came across one other association. They also marketed the vehicle as the Rushmobile. Also, they exported many of their vehicles, mostly to Frankford, Germany and Buenos Aires, so I'm going to check out The Steam Car Club which covers the European scene
  5. I have dug a little more information on the Brecht Automobile Co. Apparently, they worked with the H. F. Borbein & Co. Their shop was on Cass Ave down the street from the Brecht facility. They made the drive train and the steering gear.The Brecht Co furnished the steam engine which might have been a converted refrigeration compressor. Also, the Brecht Co was the more established company and probably provided the financial capital. So any information on the Borbein Co. would be appreciated.
  6. My family briefly made cars in St. Louis. This occurred over three years starting in 1901. It was a side line their main business was making butcher supplies. I have a few pictures and a tiny bit of information. Apparently they were mostly steamers, none had an internal combustion engine. I'd would be interesting in knowing if there any surviving examples of these vehicles? I would be also interested in any information about these vehicles as well as other sources that might be tapped to help locate one. Thanks
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