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  1. Well I talked to Russ today. He has got me in the nailhead frame of mind. If he don't have the parts he knows where to get them. The price of rebuilding the nail over the 430 would be offset by the money saved by not changing the rear axle. As far as the rump rump cam in the 430, as I was looking things over yesterday I found a cam another friend gave me when he found out I had the 430. It's an Isky Mile-A-More cam with a 425 lift 194 duration @50 and a 108 lobe center. That would be very easy to live with on the street and it's brand new still in the box wit lifters and lube. I've got to get
  2. All good information thanks. I'm still in the planing stages and will check out the parts resources. I had given different pistons some thought, the cam I will have to get the number off it and see what the specs are on it. At dang near 60 this may very well be my last build and I want to get it right the first time. I've owned a few Buicks but all have had a nailhead. If it's going to cost the same to build this 430 into a road worthy mill I might just freshen up the 264 add A/C and shine it on. The towing of my digger is important to me but it's a 98 inch wheel base 1959 K88 knock off with a
  3. The weight and compression things did come to mind. The reason for considering an aluminium intake. As for the compression I know it goes up with CID and a stock 430 is 10.25 to 1 and requires 90 octane. I have a built Chevy in my street rod and must run the good stuff in it. But man I can't help but wonder what that Buick would do when you mash the loud pedal. The missing valve train parts worry me some. Is the rocker assembly unique to the 430?
  4. I have a 1967 430, a friend went through it many years ago. Punched it 60, 10 to 1 TRW's Chet Herbet cam. He did a fine job of cleaning up the ports on the heads. Stuck it back in his dads car. Well dad didn't like the hot engine and replaced it with a stock 455. So this thing has very few miles on it. I'm thinking of updating my 55 Special and using the 430. I know some won't like the idea but it's not a show car and I want it to be a comfy driver with enough power to pull my front engine dragster and smoke the kids at the stop lights. I'm missing the complete rocker arm assembly and valve co
  5. On my 55 Special I used a 1970 Nova dual resi MC. Had to drill two holes in the stock bracket, make a new push rod, re-plum for the split system and smack the floor a couple times to get room for the cap bail to move. I was able to keep the stock access cover in place. It has the same bore as the 55 unit and works great. I've had to lock it up a couple times, not what I like to do but nice to know the old girl has it in her if needed.
  6. I know this is an old thread but just to answer the question. I used a 1970 Nova dual resi MC. Had to drill two holes in the stock bracket, make a new push rod, re-plum for the split system and smack the floor a couple times to get room for the cap bail to move. I was able to keep the stock access cover in place. It has the same bore as the 55 unit and works great.
  7. The wheels are Star Wires from Weld Wheels and are multi fit. After giving it a lot of thought I think I will go with a gray as close to body color as I can get. No trim rings chrome knock offs and lugs and use the tires I have now as they are new. It will be a mild custom look. This car don't need anything to flashy with the 3 tone paint.
  8. I have this set of wheels they are going on my 55 Special. I'm having them powder coated and will run chrome knock offs and maybe trim rings. What color do you all think would be cool. I'm thinking red to go with the seats I'm skeered that silver will look too much like rattle can chrome. What do you all think.
  9. Love odd ball stick shift cars. My Father in law had a 1974 Monte Carlo loaded with all the good stuff including swivel buckets and a 3 on the tree.
  10. Took the Special for a drive the past Saturday, sure was a nice day for it. My motorcycle was tempting but the Buick got my attention this time. If you are in the Effingham IL area the Motorworks is worth the time to walk through and check out all the rare Vettes and other cool rides in Mr Yeagers collection.
  11. Love the long roof cars and that 60 drop top is very slick. Thanks for posting the pics.
  12. I replaced mine, get this with one from a 1954 Stude. My brother put a Chevy 4.3 V6 in and had to remove it.
  13. Hey, she don't have to be pretty to be your best girl, show her a little love and you will get much in return. Make her safe and reliable and drive drive drive.
  14. John the 55 Buick had lug bolts that thread in to the hub and axles. Most custom wheels require a lug nut with a shank and washer that threads on to a stud. This is why most guys with older Buicks will put chrome steel wheels on if they want a custom look. I'm leaning towards flipper wheel covers, the old hot rodder in me just won't leave thing as they are.
  15. Don't know the size but Ihave thought about installing studs so I could run a set of custom rims.
  16. I was wondring about the front conversion to studs and nuts from the stock bolt only setup. I changed my master cyl to a 70 Nova style mounted in the stock locaton and split the system front / rear it works fine and was pretty easy to do.
  17. Dig the flames not the skirts but thats just me and it aint my car. Put the lake pipes on so I can see if I want to add them too my Special. That smooth hood had to be a bunch of work looks nice. Do you have disc brakes just wondering how those cool wheels are mounted.
  18. Yup those wheel covers would be great I would like to find 4 in good shape. And by all means please put this thread where it belongs. See yall there.
  19. I gave Buick flippers some thought but havent tried to find them yet. I would also like to find a right side outside mirror. I would like to tow my 1959 slingshot dragster with the Special.
  20. The Special and I are the same age, she is aging a lot better than I.
  21. The wheel covers I may use are the 4 bar style many customs wear. The traffic light was a gift from a friend her dad bought it new. I spent many hours trying to get it working right but gave up and wired all to work with the bake lights, still cool. Oh and thanks guys it feels good to have her back out, having been stored for 6 years!
  22. Here ya go, I made the trip home from the family farm with 55 Special. Some new rubber and a bath sure made her happy. I had forgot how smooth that little nailhead and dynaflow combo really is. The hot rodder in me made me go with smaller tires on the front to get a slight rake and easy up the steering (armstrong). This time around I will be doing some mods but nothing that can't be undone if need be. I just needed to show her off as bit enjoy the pics. I thinking of changing to some flipper wheel covers and dressing up the 264. And maybe a some Von Dutchish stripes. Let me know what you
  23. Interesting I have had a condensor fail me at a show in small town on Sunday and had to leave my car there until I could find parts. Had the same problem with my dragster and missed the call to the lanes for the next round. Reason enough for me to switch them over. I guess what Im getting at is any thing can fail but why is the pertronix for the 55 buick causing problems that the ones I have in my Chevys arent?
  24. Well I put the points back in still had the same preoblem. This car has set for 6 years. It dawned on me it might not be spinning fast enough to get started. I put the charger on boost and it fried up. I swear I could hear each lifter take it's turn pumping up. Then she smoothed out and purred like a tom cat in the milk house. Im going to put the pertronix back in shine the timing light on it and drive it.
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