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  1. 1947 Dodge Truck Drivers Door needed Wayne 484-431-1839
  2. LOOKING for 1939-1947 dodge truck drivers door Wayne 484-431-1839
  3. nsbrassnut Thank You for your clear concise solution to my problem! lonewolf900
  4. Thanks for replies!! I have removed rusted out heat riser tube and plugged with freeze plugs. After initial carb cleaning, the engine ran well, then went to the condition of needing full choke to run I will pull carb again and clean jets, passage ways and double check for fiber washers.
  5. My 1929-27 Buick Standard with Marvel carb will only run with choke on I have had the carb apart numerous times, the jets are clean, I am using a large fuel filter, float level looks good, I have sprayed with WD40 looking for vacuum leaks. Any ideas? Thanks!!
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