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  1. Season two starts the week after S1 episode 13 airs. Looking forward to the next builds! They introduce two restorations in S2
  2. I don't understand how it's not a restoration. It is a complete restoration. They aren't building it into a hot rod. They are putting it back into it's original condition
  3. Haha. 55's are my favourite! can't wait to see the color they put on the car
  4. Yeah I can see what you mean! I'm looking forward to the next episode being on air!
  5. Has anyone else been watching Reality Rides on Velocity every sunday? It's a car restoration show which is rebuilding a Buick 55 Special back to it's former glory! I thought i'd let you guys know as it's not like the other 'reality' shows as you are taken step by step through the build, with no BS and no fake deadlines! I have the vimeo link if any of you guys want to catch up before episode 3 is on air next week!
  6. Hey everyone! Ready for the latest car series?? Greene HD Productions is launching their new show, Reality Rides, on Velocity on October 5th at 9am. Be sure to tune in or set your DVR to record! If you like restoring cars, then this is the show for you! Reality Rides follows Carl's Custom Cars in Red Oak, Texas, as the crew takes on a new build every season. Check out our Facebook page and tell your friends! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Reality-Rides/698284296855252
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