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  1. I would certainly agree that this is not a preservation quality car. While it may be a "part of the car's history"? For so many cars, so is the crusher. There simply is not enough of this car still in decent original shape to judge the car as a true survivor. While I have always been in favor of preserving nice originals, and have long been disappointed by people restoring cars that SHOULD have been preserved and NOT restored, I have also always believed that once some faint line has been crossed, a car should be restored. It would require so much work to make this car appear to be a survivor
  2. Oh so very long ago in my pathetic little life. Seriously, just out of high school, almost fifty years ago (probably about '73?). I have said it before, I was a strange kid. Late one afternoon, wintertime, after work, I headed across town (San Jose Califunny) to a large Salvation Army store that was known to often have really good collectibles, vintage clothing, and other items of interest (I bought several hundred 78 rpm records there over the years!). They were open until fairly late, so it was well after dark when I headed back towards home. I only got a few blocks when I realized there wa
  3. Many of the historic races REQUIRE seat belts, thanks of course to the lawyers and insurance companies. SHHHH! Its a secret. I know of several people very active in those historic races that have the seat belts attached to wood by very short and small screws. They do not want to be tied to a flipping car any more than I would. Sometimes, it is the perception that is important. If someone wants to "feel" safer? No real harm in putting belts in. And if one really NEEDS that perception? Do a decent install, but be careful what you say. Don't make promises the car cannot keep.
  4. Being too broke to spend money I do not have to, I have spray can painted red radiator hoses for my cars using scraps of hose collected over decades. Works fine. Looks fine. I actually got an original nos red fan belt for the '27 Paige my dad bought more than fifty years ago. While it was nice enough to run when I bought it, and it is still hanging in my garage, it has become too stiff to consider using anymore (just a wall-hanger now). I doubt painting a fan belt would look good for very long. I have wondered what I will do about it if I ever can get back to trying to put that car back o
  5. I sometimes try to stay out of these discussions because they are so motivated by bad laws and passions not considering real science. However, I would no more want to put seat belts in many open antique automobiles, and most certainly NOT my open era racing car, than I would recommend them used on a motorcycle! In solid enclosed type body styles? There MAY be some arguments in favor of them. However, the added safety is negligible at best. there MAY be some benefit to restraining children these days that have not been taught to mind their parents or grandparents. Open cars? Consider
  6. I read the linked ad yesterday. There is a lot wrong with it. Yes, the math. Poor English. And I am not sure the Oldsmobile is an '18. Could be? But the fender style and headlamps say it is more like a '21 or later. (I haven't looked at my reference books to narrow it down, but drum style lamps are likely '23 or later, and the "double crown" fenders were very unusual an anything but Dodge until after the Great War!) It could be possible the fenders and lamps were replaced with later ones? Oldsmobile used that unique style radiator shell until about '23 or '24. Anybody interested in
  7. The "Long, Long Trailer" is a classic among both film and car buffs. If I recall correctly, at least three different cars were used in the movie as the one L & D pulled the trailer with. Two different years, and two distinctly different models! I haven't seen it since I was a kid, so don't remember or sure, but I have heard both a Ford and a Mercury were used. It is a long-time favorite of "film-flub" buffs! Those of you with a serious interest in '50s Ford cars may want to watch it very closely. As for the '22 Cadillac? (Or '24 someone said above, but I suspect it is a '2
  8. Hi there C Carl! Yes "R" did survive that wild youth. At about the time of the "ride", he started his own company, spun off from a mutual friend's business in which he had a few differences of opinion, and is still running that company today with the help of his son. I wouldn't say his personal life is one I could ever be proud of (won't go into details), but he is basically an alright guy, good to deal with business-wise, and I do still see him occasionally. He even played around with antique automobiles for a few years, had a horseless carriage for awhile, as well as one of the very few ear
  9. A few thoughts. The '71 Ford Torino brings back some mixed memories for me. I actually wish I had the money, wouldn't mind having one myself (an unusual statement for me about a post WWII car!). One of my many cousins, one I was close to growing up, had a Torino way back when. His dad had been killed several years earlier in a plane crash, so my dad helped a lot with his and his brothers' upbringing. I shared my dad with my cousins. "R" had had a couple of nice fast-back (2+2) Mustangs, including one of the really early ones, and a '69 (as I recall?). The earlier one, was blue with white racin
  10. Ron H, If you ever want a volunteer to ride in one of your outrigger seats? And I happen to be nearby? I'd be happy to! I have some relevant experience, having driven and ridden open wheel racing cars at speeds in excess of 70 mph for many hundreds of miles. Some with seats not much more substantial than the seat in a drawer.
  11. Well, that era isn't really my cup of tea. However, I have closely examined, studied would be a better word perhaps, literally tens of thousands by now original era photographs. Mostly I study 1930 and earlier, although I have probably examined a couple thousand from 1930 to '60 as well. My opinion. I like my cars to look like they were cut out of an era photograph. If the cars really, in considerable numbers, had certain accessories? I don't mind them on cars. I have had a few cars, mostly model Ts, and mostly a couple speedsters, that had quite a few accessories. But I also had what I r
  12. In 1948 or '49, in Sacramento, Califunny, there was a huge warehouse fire that destroyed all previous year's records. That is the reason that Califunny isn't very difficult to regenerate a title for pre WWII automobiles. If it wasn't registered after the fire? There is no surviving record in the state files. So the DMV won't argue with you. The DMV told me this over fifty years ago. And I later confirmed the story was well known in the hobby here in those days. The state also claims that records are kept for only five years. However, there have been a few high profile crimes where news r
  13. If you are considering pin stripes as accents? Just a quick suggestion. Get some pin striping tape at almost any auto supply, do like some good painters do with masking tape, and before putting it on the car, press the sticky side to dusty cloth so that it won't stick too well. Place various widths and colors in places you may want it, and leave it for a week or three. Walk by it and look it over often. Get a feel for it. It can really help you decide what does or doesn't give you the reaction you want. I did something similar when restoring a model T boat-tail roadster I had several yea
  14. So wonderful to hear! I have wondered how you were progressing on your recovery. Between you and Auburnseeker, this has been a fantastic day for good news on this forum!
  15. I just now wandered in here for the first time today, and cannot hardly wait to type out "CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!" I feel so good for you! Back when I had had my '25 Pierce Arrow series 80 sedan, truly a car of my dreams, I went out to the garage almost every night and stroked one of the fender headlamps! I sure wish I could have kept that car, but family needs got in the way. Some day I hope to know that feeling again. Wonderful. Enjoy this one for a very long time.
  16. My first impression is one of the last Maxwell cars. About '21 to '24. I am not 100 percent sure, the radiator's front is in the shadow, and something appears to be sitting on the bumper brackets (deer antlers?). A friend years ago had a '22 Maxwell touring car, with disc wheels, very much like this car. Hopefully, a couple others can be more definitive.
  17. A reality too many such sellers do not understand. They basically have three optional directions. One. Price it way high so that they get every dollar they deserve, and keep it in quality storage, or garaged, safe so that it can survive unharmed until they find a fool ***** I mean a hobbyist ** willing to pay their price. Of course, that storage WILL cost some amount of money! Maybe the garage won't cost much. On the other hand, some storage can cost a couple hundred dollars a month for month after month after month for years and years and--------. Two. Price it way high with it sit
  18. This reminds me, oh so many years ago (I think about 45 years ago?), at an antique and collector cars for sale and show. There was a '50s Austin Princess limousine, with a Rolls Royce grille grafted in place of the original Austin Grille. It was impressive, from a few feet away, if someone didn't know better. Get up close, the hood didn't fit the shell. Some effort was made to fill gaps and shapes with painted wood (Actually sounds worse than it really looked, if you didn't look close?). The car had the Austin Princess ("P") hubcaps, and several other giveaway details. The car was really in fi
  19. An all to often sadness in this hobby where so many of our good friends and advisers are so much older than we are. And now so many of us are reaching that age where our day is coming sooner than we thought it would. My heart goes out to his family and close friends, their loss is much closer and more personal. On a personal note. Organ transplantation is a wonderful thing today. One of my longtime best friends passed away about eight years ago. All of his many close friends benefited from the kidney transplant he had received almost twenty years earlier. The massive and sud
  20. "IT came from beneath the leaves!"
  21. Not the same car. The OP car appears to be a '28 model based upon the smooth crown fenders. It also appears to have been some sort of a coupe, an enclosed body style. Looks like an enclosed base of a windshield. I don't have the proper reference books, or the body code numbers could probably identify for certain the year and body style. The one Jeff P (hey there Jeff!) posted appears to be probably a '26/'27, it appears to have what I would call "double crown" fenders. It also appears to have what is left of an open car windshield. That roadster could maybe still be an interesting
  22. Chemistry and metallurgy are not among my strong subjects. However, some of what I know about aluminum. Aluminum is one of if not THE most common metals on Earth. It has been known for a couple centuries (If I recall correctly?), but it was not until the late 1800s that a practical way to refine and process aluminum was discovered. Pure aluminum is NOT silvery colored! It is basically black. The silvery colored piece you can hold in your hand is aluminum oxide on the surface. Inside, it is black. I have not seen it myself, however been told by people in the aerospace industry that have seen it
  23. Yet another "is facebook good or bad" thread. The fact hasn't changed. I, and a few million other people in this country, do not have reasonable access to real "high speed" internet connections. I still cannot see hardly anything linked onto facebook. When was the last time I tried it? Right after the last past similar thread on this forum a couple weeks ago. Tried a few links. Saw none. Situation same as before. I still say a facebook presence may be an important part of hobby connections to reach out to the rest of the world. It is a good way to reach millions of people that may ha
  24. This sort of thing has been going on too long. As little as I buy and sell (cars or parts), I have run into several such scams. Just a year ago, my only modern car (Ford Expedition) died. What made it worse was that six months earlier, I had sold my last running antique automobile (model T), so I didn't even have that to fall back on. In my hasty search for a quick cheap replacement, I ran into at least two full on scams! (Hurry, must buy it NOW! NO you can't come and see it right now! But send me the money and I will bring it to you!) About eight years ago, before things blew up o
  25. Yeah Frank, I didn't state that as well as I should have.
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