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  1. Hi Larry, I pulled the woodgrain window switch surround out of the door panel. The window switch has four black push button switches in a rectangular black plastic housing. The door lock switch is a separate single switch located sideways next to the window switch, but is not part of the window switch. The window switch is held in place by two small screws, one at the top and one at the bottom. All the window switches work except the upper left switch for the drivers window. The switch works to put the window down, but not up. After some playing with the switch I was able to get the window to go up. It appears the trouble is in the switch contacts. The wiring and switch pins holding it to the connector appear good. I would like to find a replacement switch assembly, if possible. If you have a replacement for this four button switch, let me know. Thanks, Bob
  2. Hi everyone, I need the window switch on the drivers door. Chrysler part number 4373228. I can't seem to locate the 4 button switch for my '90 TC. Does anyone have a good used one for sale? Contact me in this form or at rmtroutman@gmail.com.
  3. The service manual calls for the 195 degree thermostat, but I read somewhere that the 180 degree thermostat will yield better gas mileage. Can anyone confirm this? I've been using the 195 and never have had a problem with the engine running hot.
  4. Standard wheel, according to the parts catalog is 15x6.0 JJT. Part number 4463 860.
  5. Not that it probably matters now, but the service manual specifies a torque of 90 ft.lbs. for the lug nuts on the TC.
  6. Hi, If you still have TC wheel center caps, I'd be interested in buying two. Please email me at: rmtroutman@gmail.com and let me know how you want me to forward payment. Thanks. Bob
  7. Reply to TC Database by VIN: 1990, built 10/89, 205567, Yellow, Ginger, Tan, V6, Auto O/D, No, Yes
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