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  1. I use Castrol Magnetec 10W-30  engine oil in my '90 TC V6 and it seems to function well.

    Castrol Magnetec oil is supposed to have the ability to cling to all surfaces and prevent 

    "dry" starts, which they claim is when 75% of all wear occurs. No engine is going to last forever

    but this may help to prevent unnecessary wear.


  2. Just as an aside to the problem of small gage wires, as mentioned. Wouldn't the use of LED headlight bulbs

    instead of the normal halogen bulbs, reduce the wattage significantly and hence limit current 

    draw to the point that a small gage wire would be adequate, without the attendant overheating?

    Perhaps this would be a simple solution that would undoubtedly be less costly than installing relays. Plus, the LED bulb would certainly outlast the life of the car!

  3. Hi Turbo Kane,

    I'm looking for the driver's side ginger colored plastic seat belt cover that attaches to the seat on the left side near the floor.

    It must be in good condition, no cracks and complete. Let me know if you have this item and cost including shipping to 

    Williamsport, PA. 17701. I can pay with PayPal.  Email me at:    rmtroutman@ gmail.com   or respond on this site. Thanks.

  4. Yes, I agree with Hemi, a 50/50 mix of a quality brand extended life anti-freeze and distilled water will be all you need. Make sure you buy straight anti-freeze and not the prediluted type that you don't add water to. They are about the same price and a gallon of straight anti-freeze and a gallon of distilled water is a lot less expensive that two gallons of the prediluted antifreeze. Think about it.

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  5. Hi everyone,    

    What I've found in researching these wheel center caps:

    The following is a list of suppliers and prices.


    rdiperformance.com       $50.00 each plus shipping of $5.00 via Priority Mail.  Contact: Rick


    TCparts .com       $45.00 each plus shipping of approx. $5.00+.  Contact: Larry 


    Arizonaparts.com        $35.00 each plus shipping of approx. $5.00+

                                            Arizonaparts is closed until Septembershipping 20th.  Contact: RearCounter.com



    These are all new caps in original packaging.

    I hope this helps. If anyone one else has center caps for sale, please post with prices and shipping.

  6. My '90 TC, number 5567, was manufactured  in Oct. '89, and it too has the same part number and use Dexron II imprinted on the dipstick.  I agree, with earlier comments, use only Mopar ATF +3 or +4. Use of Dexron transmission fluid will not give satisfactory performance in the Ultradrive transmission. 

  7. The TC has two bulbs behind the amber lens below the front bumper. The outer is the turn signal bulb, a number 1156 ( single contact), the inner bulb is the parking light, a number 67. The number 2057 bulb ( double contact ), is used in the rear lights as as a combination stop and tail light.

    Corrosion is usually the reason the contacts fail. I've found using a small amount of dielectric grease on the contacts helps keep

    moisture from forming the corrosion that leads to failure.

  8. Digger,...l went to Amazon and found the brake pressure switch, Delco 25530882, you refer to, but in checking " does it fit ", they claim it DOES NOT fit a 1990 Chrysler TC Maserati. Have you any information saying that it will?

    I'd hate to spend $89.19 on a part that's not useable.

    Any comments?

  9. I had a similar problem with my '90 TC V-6, where it would be running on the cold side most of the time. Traced it to a faulty thermostat

    that was stuck open about a quarter inch. I replaced it with a new 195 degree thermostat and since then it has always maintained

    a temperature about mid-scale. Check the functioning of your thermostat. It may be stuck partially open when cold. I hope this helps.

  10. Les, if your '90 TC had a remote door opener, it must have been an aftermarket add-on, such as the remote starters some cars have. I have a '90 TC, and I have never seen any reference to a remote for the door locks either in the owners manual or service manual. I have seen kits for remote door locks, with fobs, but these are not factory installed options.

    Is there any chance you could salvage the old system from your wrecked TC and fit it to your new one? This may be your only option or be like the rest of us and use the key.

  11. Budtee, you shouldn't need to drill a hole in the thermostat flange, if you buy one with a jiggle pin valve. Most Japanese and American cars have been using this type for years. Remember, the copper pellet of the jiggle pin should face the engine and it should be at the top of the installed thermostat ( twelve o'clock position). Check www.RockAuto.com for thermostats for your engine. They have many different brands, operating temperatures, and some with jiggle pins (MotoRad premium).

    I hope this helps.

  12. Success! I tried the advice of BobFitz and ordered some contact cleaner. I used it on the 4 gang master power window

    switch in my '90 TC and it worked like a charm. Full function of the switch was restored! Much cheaper solution than replacing the switch, if you can even find one.

    The cleaner I ordered was Hosa D5S-6 Deoxit Contact Cleaner Spray. The cheapest I found, was from zZounds.com. Item number HOS D5S-6.

    Less than $15.00 for a 5 oz. spray can plus $1.99 shipping. So... don't replace it, clean it!

    Thanks for all the great advice from everyone.


  13. Hi Bob, Thanks for the info on the used 4 gang window switch on Ebay; however, I think I've found a better solution.

    RockAuto has a new replacement 4 gang switch, Chrysler part no. 4373219, made by Standard Motor Products, for $87.97.

    It fits the '89 New Yorker and has the chrome buttons, but otherwise appears to be an exact match. The buttons

    are part of the switch case and not the actual switch mechanism, so they can easily be exchanged. At least a new

    switch, hopefully, will last another 25 years.

    Thanks again for your help.


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