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  1. Thanks. I was thinking the Model A/hinge pin solution might work.
  2. Thanks for the information. Studeq, I was a member but somehow let my membership lapse a couple of years ago by losing my dues invoice; not a good excuse, but that is the truth. I loved the magazine and hoped to attend some regional event or another, but as life often does I was handed other priorities and unable to keep up with the Studebaker. Having recently gotten my Dictator back on the road I hoped to rejoin and eventually catch up with some other owners. Looking at the Website which states that it was most recently updated in 2/5/2010 I was fearful the club had gone into decline. Before paying renewed dues I wanted to check on the club's health. BTW, I personally pay the fees for and manage no fewer than 4 club and association Websites. If I weren't caring for them and keeping them current I would take them down rather than put a bad face on the organizations. Being a volunteer does not mean you've been given license.
  3. It has been some time since I visited the ASC Website and now find it sadly out of date and unfinished. Does anyone know what's going on with the club? Do they still publish the magazine or has the club become inactive?
  4. Now that the 1929 Dictator is starting I know I'll be needing some side rearview mirrors to be able to navigate her. What is available or been used by others to deal with getting a good side-mount mirror on each side of the car? It is a GL 4-door. Any help appreciated.
  5. Thanks, everyone. The gas issue resolved itself nicely as Hickory sputtered to a start and ran smoothly enough on the old stuff. We are pleased to have the old being used up and replaced by the new.
  6. Many thanks to those that replied and helped on our problem. After many false starts and running various diagnostic routines incuding checking for a stuck starter and stuck engine, today we went all the way back through the system, cleaned and scraped all contact points, taped any possible source of grounding and said a little prayer. We are now getting the starter engaging and not draining out the battery. Next we will be getting rid of the old fuel and trying to start her with good, fresh gas. We need to drain out at least a couple gallons of aged gas.
  7. We have a 1929 Dictator 6 that has sat long enough to have the gas drained out. The tank has perhaps 3 to 4 gallons and the line has an inline electric fuel pump replacing the broken mechanical pump. What is the best way to get rid of the old?
  8. The issue started after I successfully started the car and drove over to a neighbor's place. When we went to leave there's was no attempt at starting. One of the mechanics there crawled under the car and said the ground strap was considerably frayed from contact with the driveshaft. I put on a different strap but the problem persists. As soon as a start attempt is made the battery zeroes out with no cranking whatsoever.
  9. Jason, The battery looks to be fully charged. When it is the headlights work, the electric horn works, the gauges work. The instant I try to start it, there is no attempt to crank the engine and all electrical equipment is dead. Nothing. I've pulled the battery out and put it on a smart charger. It registers the battery at 6V and going up to 100 percent. My more experienced friends say it must be the starter, but I wondered if I somehow got the poles reversed.
  10. Thanks, Mark. I've got to go back and check things. When I charge the battery everything works until I try the starter, then the battery goes dead. No attempt at starting and I have to charge it up again.
  11. Is the 1929 Studebaker Dictator positive or negative ground?
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