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  1. So I pulled #16 and the lights went off.  Now for the other part of the question, how does the headlight time delay relay function.  Do you turn off the ignition, turn off the headlights, and then have a few seconds before the headlights go off?  If not, how?  If so, mine is not working.


  2. How is the headlight time delay relay supposed to work?  I am actually trying to determine what and where the relay for all of the interior lights is.  My understanding is that after a few seconds of opening a door all of the interior lights will go out.  I am trying to do this so that when I go to shows I can leave at least one of the doors open.

  3. Just purchased a 16 valve with supposedly 21000 miles but odometer is broken.  Condition does look close.  There is a 1 1/4 inch side to side loose throw (slop)  on the shifter and this seems excessive.  Any thoughts on this.  If it is too much is there an adjustment.  Also, when I brought the car home at some times there was a lot of marble rattling sounds from under the hood.  When I got home I popped the hood but could not identify the location. Any suggestions.  Thanks.

  4. I have my eye on a 1990 16 valve in pretty good condition.  I need the valve cover gasket, gaskets for the spark plugs, and also the small gaskets (washers?) that go under the valve cover bolts.  Also, the proper torque for the bolts.  I have been looking through the posts and while there are lots of mentions of the gaskets I don't know which are the most current.  Any direction to pursue this information would be appreciated.  Thanks.

  5. My member # is 4021.  I live in Beach Park, IL, that is on the Illinois/Wisconsin border by Lake Michigan.  If I can get enough information and pictures about a car I will be willing to fly or drive to look at it.  I will not buy sight unseen because as you know there is some much "fantasy" about the condition of our cars.

  6. I recently totaled my TC and been trying to find another.  I am looking for a yellow 89 8 valve.  The problem I am having is my car was in very good condition.  The body was completely straight with no dents, dings, or rust.  Except for the normal wear on the driver seat bolster and the arm rest being worn the interior was also in great condition.  The opera glass windows were perfectly clear and the headliner was clean and fully attached.  The black soft top had no issues at all.  If anyone has a car that is close to this standard I would be interested in buying it.  Thanks.

  7. That was my car.  You are correct about the wreck.  The armrest is worn but not cracked through.  The driver seat has the normal wear on the side but no cracks in the seats.  The mileage is correct but condition of motor is unknown.  It has the CD player but insurance would not let me take it out.  I will definitely get another TC and would very much like to get the CD player mostly because of rarity.  I just don't know how to get it. 

  8. I was at a Super Car Show in Barrington, IL and Lou Costabile with My Car Story approached wanting to do a video of my car.  Keep in mind that there were dozens of Ferrari's, several McLarens and Lamborghin's, Vipers, Jaguars, Porches, Lotus, and even a Pantera.


    He was actually serious!  We left the venue to a quieter area and attached is the result.  I suspect some of the information I gave him was wrong, but I did the best I could.  My intent was to get more awareness of our cars.  Please let me know what you think.  https://youtu.be/xFohmz1iVdU.


    You need to copy and run in another tab.  I don't know how to do it from here.





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  9. Thanks Hemi, the car is at the shop for other repairs.  The mechanic has tried to spray it without removing the door trim panel.  It helped but still not good.  I thought it was a good idea to get the part so he will have it if needed when he removes the panel.  It is not very expensive and if I don't need it I will have it if someone else does.

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