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  1. Fixed it! Thanks for all the advice and realizing I was going to have to put it in the shop and then have the parts rebuilt I did something crazy. had nothing to loose so I sprayed 1/2 can of WD40 into the clutch while it was running and the other half in with the clutch broken loose with a stick holding it disengaged. yea it slipped quiet a bit at first but after 3 days of driving it and a 50 mile trip to a car meet it is almost like a new clutch now. I am sure it would slip with a ton loaded on it but all I carry is 2 dogs so all is good. Thanks again
  2. I admire you for digging into this project because I don't have the skills for it. great looking Chevy BTW so keep us informed on your progress. Love my old Chevy but it came with much heart ache. I had a new 03 Corvette that was my dream car but was rammed and destroyed while parked by a refugee my city took in after hurricane Ivan from New Orleans . he as on crack and stole a locally owned SUV and crashed it into my parked car. I was lucky to find a man who traded me the 30 Chevy I own for my 03 Vette plus $12K after 6 months in the shop. really hurt to loose my car but I enjoy the 30 Ch
  3. Thanks Rusty and Bob , I guess I will just have to take it to the shop and have them pull it apart to make sure what clutch I need. the problem is it will be setting out in the weather until it is put back together but I can cover it up with a tarp and car cover. it will have ether a 10 3/4" or 11" clutch because it has the optional engine that year which is for sure a 270 CI. has an oil pump instead of dippers , oil filter cartridge and holds 11 quarts of oil.
  4. Thanks for all of your incite and knowledge. I always thought it was a ford truck because the picture is so small and I really never knew them. I just love the old vehicles and tinker with them all the time. This 33 Ford gets most of my drive time as it is a hoot off the line with a 411 gear.
  5. This is what i adjusted today . I adjusted the linkage where the clutch barely engages at the very end of the travel. I might add that this old truck only has 64,000 original miles and the engine is virgin so all linkage is very tight and showing no wear at all. having made this adjustment I still have the same problem. once I was able to rev the engine and put the transmission into high gear from neutral with just a little grind. normally I have to turn the engine off , put it in gear and start the engine which will give a little forward movement before the clutch brakes loose. shifting mu
  6. Thanks for the replies If the truck is running it is impossible to put it into gear because pushing the clutch to the floor dos not disengage the clutch. I have to start the truck in 1st gear or reverse and it starts moving as soon as the starter is pressed just as if the clutch is not pushed in at all. then I hit the brakes and just before the engine dies the clutch brakes loose and I can quickly shift to another gear with a little grind. It did set for 18 years in the weather before I could get it. I have been driving it like this for 3 years and it gets no better by driving it so it is tim
  7. My Dad was at Pearl Harbor during the attack and long after the war he ordered this King Midget new and my mom carried a quart of gas in her purse to put in it when they rolled it off the train in downtown Pensacola Fl it had a 7.5 hp Wisconsin engine and they went everywhere in it and it always drew a crowd. I do not remember what year it was
  8. Do not know what year it was Taits Gap Alabama
  9. 48 GMC 1 ton clutch sticks and will not disengage Hello from an Ex Marine in Pensacola Fl. My grandfathers 1948 GMC 1 ton truck is hard to drive because the clutch will not disengage easily. I start it with clutch in and in a high gear because it wants to pull hard then pops the clutch loose and I can shift it [ still wants to grind ] if I go to neutral I can not put it back in any gear while running so I turn the engine off and put it in gear before starting and it will take off with clutch pressed in if in 1st or 2nd gear. I have to hit the brake for the clutch to pop loose after it pulls th
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