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  1. Thanks to all. This gives me piece of mind. Seems if I keep it under 230 in traffic for short periods of time, I won't blow my engine.
  2. No air escaped, just a little antifreeze. Checked all other operations and it still overheats in traffic. Dial goes up to the 2 o'clock position on the temp. gauge. Do you know the temperatures per light over the 12 o'clock position? I'm in the blind here.
  3. Hi Ronnie. I have a '91 Reatta in question. Harry Yarnell mentioned the screw on top of the thermostat housing is an "Air Bleed" seen in picture. I opened it while engine was cold and let a little radiator fluid escape. Is this the valve you're referring too? If not an air bleed, what is it for?
  4. I was saying I had mine fixed in CA. last year. Message was FYI as a suggestion.
  5. I sent my '91 radio to; Factory Radio Service & Repair 9155 Archibald ave., St 403 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 9173909-944-8844 $95.00 + $15.00 Return Shipping Repaired Cassette and "tuned" the radio
  6. If the leak is in the foot well or under the seats, it may just be the weep holes are plugged up where the A/C condensation pools up under the dash. The condensation wells up and eventually drips down into the foot well. I used a wire hanger and removed leaves or pine needles etc. and problem fixed. Good luck.
  7. Just got back from vacation. How and when should I use the air bleed? I'm assuming while it's running at temp. Also just noticed the upper hose is always hot and can't feel water flowing when I squeeze it. I'm thinking my thermostat might be stuck half open??
  8. Just drove 50 miles in 85 degree heat. Let it idle at home for 30 more minutes and temp. remained normal. Both fans working. Fluids are exact when hot and cold in overflow tank and radiator when cold. So I'm at a loss. Fortunately, my 91 has easy access to thermostat housing bolts if it needs changing. Question: what is the adjustment type screw on top of the thermostat housing for?
  9. Thanks to you all. Lots on my "to-do check list". I'll replace my thermostat and check all hoses(lower radiator hose), check pressure of radiator, and fans operating properly.
  10. I was driving in traffic for 20 minutes in 85 degree heat. Engine heated to the last hash mark before "red" on coolant gauge on inst. panel. I stopped the engine for 10 minutes and the temp was down to just above normal. Later while driving at 45 mph, it began to heat up again. The coolant was at proper level. Could I have a sticky thermostat?..and how to check/replace it. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks.
  11. I'm working with my mechanic to let me buy the parts myself. They frown on that a lot.
  12. Sorry Ronnie for the confusion. I meant to say I'll be ordering the first of the month. Getting the ones with the grease fittings. Retirement makes you crazy juggling finances..
  13. Hi buickguy62. I got a quote from my mechanic to replace the front struts, mounts and front sway bar links for approx $770. I get a lot of loose/rattling sounds. Thanks for the alignment info. They did it after replacing the R.F. Inner Tie Rod and it's pulling to the right. Any specs to pass on to him to correct this? He's going to have to re-do them anyway. Other than that...Getting to old for heavy work these days, only minor tweaks here and there.
  14. Thanks for all the help Ronnie. Found sway bar link an will have my mechanic so the labor.
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