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  1. Hi Ron Do you have the Dodge events details ? I haven't seen any advertising to see where the venue might be. It might be a good distraction this weekend and chance to chat to others with a similar interest. I suspect other family members may have had communication with the Daimler Classic over the past 10 years on and off, for other details, will have to get reminded on how fruitful those explorations were... Wolf sounds like an interesting person to have a chat with, not many others here have that rebuild experience. Ah and thanks for the dissertation on the lead/tin solder properties.. Aft
  2. Hi RonB Yes I think there is one in the Benz collection, my brother visited a few years ago .. I have sent a request in via the contact form.. The vehicle was found in Oberon in the late 1960's by my uncle Graham Bliim (dec.), at a sawmill as a power source or yard truck that had been overgrown and neglected. However all or most of the mechanical were there, and so the restoration of motor, transmission, chassis and layout of trendy boat-tail bodywork. Just recently (June) we had it to the point of a fuel tank, and starter motor making the engine fire.. After a quick service of the old zentit
  3. Hi RonB Thanks for that advice, I will see if I can find the contact details for the archives and give the possibility that plans may be in existence! The ideas we are having (as they are cheap!) involve new metal in all the core tubes fins and upper and lower tank pans I have access to basic sheetmetal tools like folding brakes, punch press to slot the tank plates etc and like the idea of spending a few weeks fabricating.. Spending money last such a short time So its constructional hints Im most keen on. Would propose to use a harder silver solder or braze on the core.. and lower hardnes
  4. Hi there alsancle Very nice to hear from you, I am a new lurker here, so forgive my lack of depth of knowledge as to the similarity with those more fancy models!.. But yes it appears to be vertical tubes (49) that seem to be folded over and seam soldered on the back edge then inserted into slots on the bottom of the top tank and top to the bottom tank, with triangular foil (approx 10mm folds) fins. The tubes are around 70mm deep and perhaps a 1 or 2mm inner tube space and about 600mm tall. I have read on the Replicore site they use 0.15mm wall thickness tubes and 0.11 0.15 for the fins We have
  5. 1923 Benz GR5 restoration Hi Pre-War Benz enthusiasts... We have here a 1923 Benz being restored, and it is now at a mobile and running chassis engine transmission stage.. The next weak link in our chain of rebuilding this relic is the radiator, which we are examining to see the best rebuild path. Is there anyone out there that has any construction details for these V shape tube and fin cores ? Tube metal thickness ? fin metal thickness ? Source or materials.. I know of Replicore in New Zealand who will do a core and rebuild for us, but the price is a bit beyond our hillbilly budget. At this s
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