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  1. Thank you. Im sure I will have questions when I get started. I retire next month and will have more time to get into the details. First up is figure out why the brakes dont work very well. Also, do you know what colors the 34 Chevy came in? I would like to paint it something other than black. Thanks again Gary
  2. I just joined VCCA. Thanks for that information. Again I find all the comments a great help. I really like the idea of not tearing it down for full restoration. I'm just going to start enjoying it. I need to do something with the brakes and I need an interior, but all other improvements can wait. Here are some pictures.
  3. Well I guess I have more answer. I will restore to original and try to drive it more than I was thinking. I want to enjoy it. Thanks again to everyone. Here is a pic of my 34 Chevy
  4. I really do appreciate all the comments and will probably keep in all original. Its so complete now, that it would be a shame to mess with it, that's for sure. It runs and drives but needs restoration. However, when you make the decision to keep an old car completely original, I assume you are also making the decision to own a neat old car that sits in a garage and only comes out only on special occasions? That's the part that bothers me just a little. Thanks again Gary
  5. All I can say is Wow! Way more work than I would think of taking on. I can only imagine the satisfaction of making this come together. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I am a new to AACA. I bought my first antique car recently, a 1934 Chevy. I have a lot of questions about restoration and what is a good idea or bad idea? Should I put parts on that make it less original but easier to drive like Hydraulic brakes, maybe better steering. And where do I find parts? I want to take advantage of all the knowledge that already exists. So far, all I have done is search the Internet for information and not finding that so helpful. Anyone have any advice on getting started? Thanks in advance gmkc
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