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  1. You mean the whole hood? With all the vent doors and hinges? That's a big piece to run off with.
  2. Does anyone have a list of the accessories and upgrades one could get from a dealer in 1932? Things like glove compartment door clock, fog lights, etc. It would be interesting to know what there is to track down for my 67 series. Also, if anyone has any leads on a non split rear bumper that would be awesome.
  3. Back in the early 50's the previous owner of this Buick switched out the original updraft carburetor with a a Carter WA-1 carb using a home brewed adapter. The adapter choked the royal hell out of the single barrel carb so the engine ran terrible and lost power on even ground. Since the manifold has a two barrel configuration I decided to upgrade the Carter to a Holley 94. I made and ported a two barrel adapter but am having trouble getting the thing to run right. Anyone have any experience with these carburetors? The engine will run for a few seconds and then die, and I have checked the float level numerous times so I am stumped. Thanks for any help!
  4. The restoration took 2 and a half years. We did the body work, paint, and all the mechanical work at our shop. We had the upholstery done by someone at our shop. The machining for the engine ( brass inserts for the Babbitt bearings, regrind of of the cam and head work) were done by various machine shops in California. I estimate we did 75 to 80% the car was originally lacquer black, we had the stripped down body and frame sand blasted and we painted it black with a midnight blue tint. We tried to get the interior as close as we could, it's basically two tone grey.
  5. It turns out the armature for the generator is fried in the '32 and I need to track down a new one. The part number from Delco Remy is 1883706 Part "ARMATURE G" and the model is 940-T2 with serial number 186631. If anyone can help me track one down it would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hey all, I thought I would post some pictures of my cars first car show after finally finishing up the restoration and subsequent troubleshooting. We tried to keep everything as original as possible and it turned out very nice. To get it running we ended up tracking down every possible leak there could be, from water to gas to oil. Here it is though, a red letter day for this black beauty.
  7. It turns out the 1932 Flying 8 and the 1933 Flying 8 have a slightly different base diameter. the 1933 Flying 8 hangs over the radiator and slightly onto the hood, so that when you try to open the hood it hits the radiator cap. the 1932 version had a smaller diameter base to keep that from happening. And, since I have to find a correct 1932 cap anyways, I might as well upgrade to the Mercury man if I can. Thanks!
  8. I'm looking for a 1932 Mercury Man radiator cap for my 67 series. A while back I bought a 1933 Flying 8 cap not realizing that the two years were different. So I'll be selling that one and now I'm looking for the mercury man.
  9. Thanks guys! I'm pushing for it to be done well before spring. I can't wait to fire it up and drive it.
  10. Here is the re-upload of the upside down photos.
  11. Annndd all of the pictures are upside down.. That's what I get for importing them from my phone.
  12. This is the progress of our restoration project. There is still a lot to be done, but it is already turning out to be a nice car. Here are some before and current photos, and some interesting advertisements that I have found for this car, too. Some time in the early 1940's the owner ( my great grandfather) swapped out the updraft carburetor for a downdraft Carter carburetor along with a 6 volt electric fuel pump. We are planning on keeping it that way - just how he had it when it was used as a farm car for the citrus groves in California.
  13. Sorry I meant radiator cap. When I bought the 1933 cap I didn't realize the 1932 and 1933 caps were different.
  14. Our '32 Buick restoration is finally nearing its end. We are at the stage where all the little things add up, from making running boards that fit just right to finishing the wiring harness. The upholstery came out very nice, albeit a few issues with the door panels and the window frames. I'm still trying to track down a couple parts, too, If anyone has any leads on some of these parts. A rear bumper: the original one was lost to time as my great grandfather replaced it with a piece of angle iron with a tow hitch to go hunting up in Utah) A pair of horn trumpets A clock for the glove compartment 1932 California plates 1932 hood ornament ( I have a 1933 hood ornament that's been rechromed if anyone wants to trade) That's all I can think of off the top of my head right now. Sorry for the long rambling, I'm just excited to see 2 and a half years of work almost coming together.
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