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  1. Well everybody I have discovered from a recently aquired master parts catalog that the conical springs go small end to door and large end behind trim and escutcheon. And I have know have them in wrong, Shsssh!
  2. I have also had a request in for info too, but I have not had any such advice that the Historical department is now closed till later in year ?? Anybody else have any insight?? Rich
  3. Back to Ebay then, did you find them??
  4. Didn't look very hard , try item number 261946910234, (plymouth 16" wheels) R
  5. Some 16" early Mopar wheels on E Bay right now !!!!
  6. Lets look outside the square did somebody forget the SIMCA V8 or the legendary Peugeot 203 ??
  7. Well it works great, nail polish comes with it's on little brush too. Yet to test durability, anyhow easy to fix. I wonder if a clear coat over would be good insurance ?/
  8. Thanks all your suggestions, I decided to give Edenmass's suggestion of using nail polish. So I raided my wife's make up cupboard ( when she was at work of course) and found a plethera of choices. Sure enough there was a "red" that matched the original "Chrysler" script on my 1939 Hubcaps, but I made sure it was the type using acetone clean up for better durability. I just gave my hubcape a wipe over with general acrylic thinners and away I went, but I was undecided if I should take the car for a run and properly dry them in the breeze out the car window, He He !! They turned out great with easy acetone cleanup and a sharp "Stanley" box cutter blade to carefully scrape off any mistakes. I expect they will be quite durable, but I could always re do them every time before I go out again,he He !! Women, Luv em, Rich
  9. Gidday All, Anybody got any tips on re painting the worn off red "Chrysler" script on my tarnished old chrome 1939 Hubcaps. Thanks
  10. Hi From Oz, Here in Australia we have original restored Australian built RHD Yankee antique/vintage cars for sale at say an average price of $22000 AU. Yet some "Hotrodder:" imports a LHD Yankee Hot rod, say a Ford with a Chev engine or a Chev with a Hemi, or an old Chrysler with a 351 Ford engine and then they want,.. wait for it.....$50,000 plus.... where do they get off!! They don't do a lick of work themselves, just import it. Quite frankly I am now sick of going to local Aussie vintage/classic car shows and all you see is rows of bloody LHD Yankee imports. I can remember when I spent many years hard labour restoring a 1960 MK11 3.8 Jag and proudly took it to a Jag Club Concourse show and I got beaten by an entrant that had found an original pristine extremely low mileage deseased estate MK11that had been stored for years. He won,.... I lost,.... He did nil work except for a polish, whilst I took many years hard work restoring my car and didn't get a look in, that sucks !!!! I'm now 72 and my current project is an almost competed Aussie assembled 1939 Chrysler Royal and proud of it. Lastly I see someone has imported a 1939 Yankee LHD ( Why would they bother ) Chrysler Imperial and now offering it for sale here, whist this is a special car to me it has little appeal to local buyers, but if.. it had a 350 Chev, a Supra 5 speed box and a 9" Ford Diff, lowered 2" inches it would then appeal to local Hotrod knuckle heads, Sheesz!! Rich
  11. Gidday Skyking, Yes the Aussie distributors of the Atlas sidewalls has a very standout warning about using lubricant. My worry is that I'm gunna have to use my old time country garage to fit them. I'm afraid their old school "She'll be right mate" way of doing things is a bit laid back. How important is it to centralize them, do the have to be exact ?? Dicky
  12. Say, What is the plastic bag trick, Iv'e never heard of it, please explain, I'm worried about fitting the thin white circle Atlas Flappers (or Porta Walls) and damaging the tyre whilst fitting without lubrication as Atlas insists. TKS, Dicky
  13. Google Regulatorroy he has a large range of Chrysler regulators in the Usa, you should also find him on Ebay. Richard in Qld
  14. Any other thoughts or advice, I though the smaller end to the door behind the door panel best so the large end could push the panel and trim snugly out against the escutcheon. I couldnt find an assy schematics in my manuals. R
  15. G'Day, Lozrocks, my Post Office said it could not provide a money order or any similar thing in US Dollars that could be honoured in the US. I eventually went to a Crown Money Exchange and sent actual real US Dollars,risky I know,fingers crossed.
  16. G'Day from Qld 32,. For a really good supply of window regulators try "regulatorroy" google him or look on ebay. I've bought several for my "39 Chrsler, Roy is very obliging if he can help he will, Rich
  17. Flyer One, I was born way before this hippy era, what is he saying ? It's 9Pm here I must hit the sack,...so catch up tomorrow or better still get cracking on my car instead of sitting in front of this b***dy computer. (I love the AACA forums,but I must have too much time on my hands? no I do!)
  18. G'Day John Maine, We have to watch our words but I know what you mean by 9/11, we have the same problem in a much smaller way in Oz, But pity our children in future years. Lets forget that and get back to cars, old bombs?, may they rust in peace.
  19. G'Day Danleblanc, I am sorry you had a bad experience sending something to OZ, we are not all like that. Besides how do we here "Down Under" find spares without the help of E Bay and our friendly US and Canadian sellers. The old rule is "The more you sell the more complaints you will get" sad but true, Any way my apologies and , Hooroo !! Tricky Dicky
  20. G'Day Cord Guy in NZ, us "Skippy's in Oz ( a land of droughts and flooding rains ) as far as I know dont have a similar system as you " NZ Kiwis" do in the "Land of the Long White Cloud" !! I have been relying on some very special "Yankee" friends to help out by taking delivery and trans shipping to Oz, but it is not always economical all of the time. Say do you have a Cord ?? I'm Jealous, beats my 1939 Chrysler, but I still love it, Tricky (Rich)
  21. Hey Dave, I always enjoy your posts, keep them coming, any 1939 C22 parts you know of, Thanks Rich in Oz
  22. I sold an old 1969 series one Jag XJ6 manual once, it had no oil leaks!! When I pointed this out to a prospective buyer, he looked underneath and said "CANT BE ANY OIL IN IT"....Damn Sod, how cheeky! Whilst on Jags I also had a then beautiful and original XJ12 stored under my house, after 12 months storage I removed the tarps to give it a clean...disaster,.... the paint had pimpled,all the chrome had pitted including bumpers, and body strips and window frames, and so had the engine alloy parts gone powdery white,the interior originally pristine beige leather had turned green with mould. The car was a mess from unsuspected humidity under the tarp, rectification costs were enormous so I gave it away as a spare parts car, that hurt !! ( me and my pocket)
  23. What about the back seat at the Drive In movies, ?? Those were the days.
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