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  1. Re plastic dash cover , why do you have to be so accurate, in my opinion they look fine with the plastic removed and sprayed a complimenting colour. If by chance you were (by a miracle) able to return the dash to as new off the show room floor then this would laugh at the rest of the car. I dont know only saying.
  2. Out of interest I Thought you might like to view this...!Aussie Historic '39 Chrysler Race Car special.htm
  3. So what's the story, suddenly Valley vintage is no more, Many questions arise ??, a complete change of ownership I wonder ??, What happened to Al's extensive Mopar NOS inventory?? I sadly miss their extensive NOS spare parts range and Al's personal service. Hey don't you guys in the States know whats going on, your close to the action but why are you saying nutti'n !! R
  4. Thank you Fleek, But my point is that I can no longer load www.vvap.com, it always now comes up on my screen as "This web page is unavailable", seems strange to me,can you load it Ok. I have also received a message from an likewise Aussie enthusiast advising that Valley Vintage Auto parts has gone the EBay route for Repro parts only and is no longer offering NOS items. I guess they have restructured the business and maybe off loaded all their NOS parts to another supplier?? R
  5. 25 Lookers and no clues yet, surely there must be a Stateside Mopar nut out there that knows something.
  6. Howdy Every one, Here in Oz I still cannot load the Mopar orientated website (vvap.com) of Valley Vintage Auto Parts. Yet some of my Yankee friends advise they don't have a problem in the States. ( I have raised this question before) I have now had an email from the proprietor advising that they no longer have any parts for sale. Can anybody throw any light on this? R I
  7. I'll throw in my two Bob's worth and I guess by the radiator shell outline it's an early thirty's Wolseley, in those years Coach builders were in abundance and built their custom bodies on a basic rolling chassis, mostly for dignitaries.Maybe this is one of those,seem's fausible??
  8. WTB a vintage radio to suit 1939 Chrysler, doesn't have to be original but suitable for era, under dash OK, workin condition preferred. R
  9. OK I give up !! Rich P.S Greg, re Yokohama tire wear, I maybe only do max 100 miles a month for Sunday drives so they will out last me.
  10. Greg, Surely you have a range of 1/2 or 1 tonne Toyota/Mazda/Nissan etc tray back's/utes in the US of A. These smaller light commercial vehicles run Light Truck Tyres on various size rims including 16". Don't go over 205 wide as you risk interfering with mudguards/fenders on bounce, hard lock and/or chafing your brake hoses !!! Re previous post by Chris B and 47 Mopars, these wheels may have welded in centres and therefore "airtight" but my 39 has riveted in centres and so would all Mopars of that vintage. These riveted center versions would allow pressure to leak down thru and around any imperfect riveted connections. For an idea on LT tyres(tires) try the Aussie Ebay .. WWW.Ebay.com.au and type in 185 85 16 tyres for example You should find some Yokohama RYO1's for reference. Our dollar is so bad at the moment I wonder on smaller items Us buyers could take advantage, long shot though!! Rich
  11. Hi Greg and Gary, Gee I would have thought you could source 185 85 16 in the States,did you try E bay? As the early Mopar rims have the wheel centres rivited to the rims they are probably not air tight, so tubes are the go. rich
  12. Gidday Greg. I have researched this subject to replace the cracked sidewall 600-16's on my 39 Chrysler and in my opinion came up with a good radial tyre compromise. I found that Yokohama (an others) have a Light Truck Tyre in 185 85 16, the Yokohama's in particular have straight side walls and look the part with a plain narrow tread design. Cost Au $145 ea ( Approx $108 Usd) When inflated they are about a 1/2" overall smaller dia than the 600 16's and no more an inch wider at the sidewalls. I also found when inspecting various different brands in the same size that they do differ in physical dimensions,(and price) and just because they are marked as 185 85 16's does not mean they are made to the same overall size tolerances. To fit these (or similar quality brands) you will need to use inner tubes and I used a 5.50-600 16 tubes suitable for Radial Tyres (radial tubes). (Cost $AU 5-50 Ea) I dont know where you are located so you will need to source a suitable locally available brand, but do inspect them physically for size, tread design, sidewalls and ply ratings before you buy. I topped mine off with some Atlas thin white strip flappers ( Porta Walls??). The thin white walls hug the tyre beautifully and are not as 'cumbersome" as the bulky wide white wall type. I hope I have been of some help and I know I will get criticized by the Tyre techo's and Purists for some of my recommended content, then again that is what a forum is for. Good luck in your search, R P.S Be wary of all the cheap Chinese brands, you won't believe how many obscure brands there are!!
  13. It would look even nicer with some Dunlop wire knock on's, but were do you stop spending ?
  14. Check out this used car lot, some very special cars, OOP's first attachment did not work, try this:- http://www.rkmotorscharlotte.com/sales/inventory/active#%21/
  15. Generally I have no Internet connection problems whatsoever, I have bought many items from VVA and found them very good but for some reason I now cannot connect. I will try again a few days later, Thanks R
  16. Gidday Vila, I like you restored a TR4, I imported it in a very shabby condition but 98% rust free from Ca. My first job was to strip to bare bones and rebuild with rhd parts. This was relatively easy as all the rhd mounts/brackets/holes where still there. Your car has come up a treat, beautiful colour and trim combination, congratulations. The TR4 was one of my favourite cars ( and also did some road racing with it )but with a then growing family it had to go, wish I had it back, they where real head turners too. R
  17. Hi Keiser31 That's great info, I tried to print the thumbnails but they images always corrupt when I try to print them. A gray shadow seems to always appear over page. Is there another printable friendly way you could post article and pics ?? Thanks Rich
  18. Doesn't work,times out ?? Could it be my computer ??
  19. 32 views and no response, somebody must have clue,can anybody help
  20. Is Valley Vintage Auto web site down or have they closed up shop, any body know? TrickyDicky
  21. And I only just sent "em US $25 bucks (AU $33.50) Hope I haven't kissed it goodbye ?
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