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  1. Thanks Keiser, Mine is missing but I notice in old 1939 Chrysler dash photos on the web that it appears to have a small round metal bezel. The vacant hole in my dash is very close to 1/4" Dia. If you say this indicator light spot is for High Beam then where is the overdrive indicator light feature as mentioned in my manuals, ? Mmmmn. P.S I notice also that the Headlight switch has a small red "jewell" in the center of the pull knob, do you know if this is supposed to illuminate.?
  2. I posted this subject in the Chrysler forum and except for the courtesy of members Reg and Jack I have had little response. My question is .. Above the Instrument dash cluster proper there is a tiny indicator light/bezel. ( however mine is missing) What is this normally for ?? I thought it was an overdrive indicator light but members Reg and Jack suggest it is a high beam indicator light. Can anyone with C22 Chrysler ownership or experience advise the purpose of this little indicator light please. My workshop books and other literature mention both overdrive and High Beam indicator lights..which is which and where are they located? I would appreciate AACA readers input to solve this puzzle. Rich
  3. Thanks Jack, But both my workshop manuals mention an overdrive indicator light, so where and what is it ?? Also in my work shop manual supplement there is a wiring diagram on page 59 also listing an Overdrive indicator lamp. Can somebody come to my rescue, the little "jewelled" lamp I am talking about is above dash instrument cluster in dash proper, Richard
  4. Hello '39 Chrysler experts, What is the function of the tiny overdrive dash light above the instrument cluster, what colour should it be and when should it be on, I.E when O/d is engaged or disengaged......or ????? Thanks, Rich
  5. Well, I am pondering why where the headlights relocated, what was the purpose?? R
  6. G'Day Jack, I was more talking the instrument panel with speedo, gauges etc, R
  7. I was wondering if any one can assist with directions for removing the instrument dash board in a 1939 Chrysler. Neither of my Workshop manuals have any instructions. I know to disconnect speedo cable. temp gauge pipe etc but I cannot see clearly where to start with dash panel attaching fasteners/bolts/screws etc TKS R.
  8. Well, I just dont get the the gist of the only two responses. Rusty and Grog should please explain.
  9. I refer to the latest antique Automobile magazine and Steven Rossi's article, more particularly his comments on page 33 regarding the Netherlands Fiat/Chrysler terrible name change to FCA US LLC. Well,!! When Chrysler took over the British Hillman Rootes group, Chrysler in Australia announced that they are changing their Australian operations name to Chrysler Rootes Australia, what a terrible thing to say!! On another tack,destiny had seen me at age15 (1958) buy my first car (Thanks to Dad) a 1929 De Soto roadster for $50 with new upholstery in unborn Calf skin, years later after a many cars I bought my first new car a Rootes Group (Chrysler Rootes Australia) Hillman Imp. I turned this little car into a road racer (and daily driver) capable of 123 Mph with a hot 956cc engine. What now, well I own a 1939 Chrysler Royal, which was first owned new by a Catholic priest and then became a rural taxi cab and an occasional funeral and wedding car. Where was I ???? R
  10. Gidday Judderman, Just making conversation with a little story, My dad's first car was a 1939 Pontiac he bought when he was 40 yo, he had to get driving lessons first. I remember it well, as a kid going on holidays on dirt roads, coming home late at night from a winter party and being made to sleep on the freezing cold back seat with my younger sister. Well I'm now in my seventies and about two years ago I went looking to buy a 1939 Pontiac somewhere to cherish in remembrance of my Dad and my old Pontiac child hood memories. Well I bet your wondering why this pre amble, well in my 1939 Pontiac search I stumbled upon another 1939 car and fell in love with it, what car you say!! Yes I bought a 1939 Chrysler just like your avatar. I wonder how many other car nuts go out to buy a particular year and model and come home with something quite different, I am glad I did. Rich
  11. Yeah sure I've had the same hammer 59 years, had to change the head and the handle a "cupla" times, He he
  12. G' Day Dan o, I had the same trouble with my 39 Chrysler, a battery shop recommended a 6 volt truck battery which had 900 CCA. This is a lot more than the usual cranking amps of the average 6v battery of about 750 CCA. But dont forget to check that your starter is in good order and that all your battery leads are thick and heavy enough with good connections. R
  13. Howdy from Oz, I was astonished to read in the latest on line AACA Speedster that Countries like Australia, England, New Zealand are such small contributors of AACA members. Especially Australia with our strong affinity with the USA and our love of American Iron. I find it hard to believe that of our 24 Million people we have only 37 members besides myself making a measly 38 in total, how embarrassing! AACA is a must for old car enthusiasts, I wonder how AACA and its members collectively could reach out and encourage overseas membership of such a wonderful motoring organisation. Tricky Dicky
  14. I was just sitting outside my garage having a beer and admiring my black 39 Royal, Geeeezzz their a big bulky car, aren't they ?? R
  15. There are some original 16" wheels on E bay now, well,.... last time I checked, or try Moores salvage yard. An almost correct radial replacement is a light truck radial 185 85 16, but it seems they are strangely not available in the States,but most every where else including Down Under. Rich
  16. Did anyone mention the TR4, it out gunned MGB's with "Masculine" handling and it could be optioned with a removable top. You could have a Coupe' or an open sports car, in any case MGB's were for sissy's !!
  17. Hey 1arunem, I resemble that smart aus remark. take it back and apologise or put your mits up !!
  18. My 39 Aussie Gauge panel and Glove Box lid did not have any unwanted holes after plastic removal. It was then painted a vintage cream and looks really great.
  19. The dollars down and compounded by the ridiculously expensive shipping costs, something you can buy in the US for $25 can cost you $100 by the time it gets here. Always compare and challenge E bay sellers shipping costs.....they can differ enormously !!!
  20. There is a process that might be worth investigating called "Hydrographic Dipping". It is often used on hunting Firearms to coat the gun with an excellent camouflage pattern. This is a process where parts are chemically treated to clean and prime, then the parts are lowered into a vat of water with a specially printed/patterned thin plastic film floating on the top of the water. As the parts are lowered into the water they drop to the bottom and the special patterned plastic film coats the parts with the chosen pattern. This a fairly simplified explanation but I guess easily "Googled" over to you, R
  21. The rear ratio is 4.1:1 for a standard transmission and 4.3:1 for an overdrive transmission. MIne has an after market 4.1:1 incorrectly fitted and makes it a bit "sluggish' with my overdrive engaged. Luckily I have been able to find a brand new 4.3:1 Crown and Pinion set for later fitment.
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