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  1. How rusty is too rusty ?..that car is too rusty,...forget it!
  2. No examination was requested as original South Australia registration papers together with the motor dealers documents were sufficient with (and if required I had clear photos on my mobile phone of the vin and engine numbers ) It did not happen, but I had no qualms if they wanted to inspect the car, it is almost as new with 56,000 original miles in full working order and with all matching and very legible correct numbers! I guess I was worried about nothing (just my anxiety I guess) Over and out, R
  3. Hello everyone Good News, I was able to register my car today with my local Transport Authorities, thanks for all your input. rich Case closed
  4. Hey Joe, I tried to watch that truck auction video, but the sound of that bl*3@dy auctioneer was driving me NUTS!!! How could any body sit thru a whole auction ? I just cant get my tongue around it RRrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!
  5. Ok, What is the correct and safest way to install a replacement fuel sender with the tank still in the car w/- fuel ?? R
  6. G'Day MaoK, I do not want to rock the boat so I am going with numbers as registered in State of manufacture and initial new rego as per the original from new South Australia rego papers. If there is a dispute with QLD RTA I will suggest the use of DE numbers etc on Firewall (similar to your Valiant) R
  7. Hi jetback, Your advice is very sound and I am of the same opinion but the technician who has to inspect the car and provide a "Safety Certificate" is edgy with such short numerals and no letters. I will pass on your thoughts to back up my same opinion, Thanks your help. Hi also to Keiser,I think my car is a bit old for those modern vin numbers behind the screen thingy's.
  8. GDay David AU, At last some help, interestingly it was registered in SA with Vin/Body number 89 as stamped on firewall per dealer delivery docs, so perhaps I should use this. My safety Cert Guy is nervous with this only two number "Body"number. There is a lengthy number/letter combination on the inner fender but these can be bolted off~!!??? David I spoke to the QLD rego office and they said you should bring your car just in case it has to be inspected, even the Rego application papers say bring your car, HMmmmm Rich in Qld
  9. Howdy again. I need help with this urgently to register the car in my State of Queensland, is the number shown the vin/chassis number or options paint/trim codes etc According to my sketchy Aussie info it has a "Body Number" which is shown as a stamped number (89) on the firewall ?? Or where do I find the chassis number or Vehicle id Number (VIN) Thanks R P.S I realize my Dodge is an Australianized RHD Fury111 so American info may not apply! but here's hoping
  10. G'Day everyone, You may have noticed my previous posts but here is another question for you. On my Rh inner fender (your curb side) there are the numbers etc:- 8ER6 HA 4002 WARI and on the firewall same side are stamped the numbers DE 6 H41 and then nearby in larger numerals 89 Can anyone please decode these numbers? (I realize they may also be peculiar to the then Chrysler Australia) Can anybody throw any light on this? Although Chrysler assembled 400 or so per year of these cars between 69 -73 info and non mechanical spares are scarce. For instance so far as I can find an australian workshop manual for info does not exist? Thanks, Rich
  11. Hello everybody , Can anyone advise how to remove the instrument panel sufficient to replace the Fuel Gauge in a Fury 111, My car is an Aussie Rhd eqivalent labelled here by Chrysler as Dodge Phoenix, Thanks,Rich P.s Hopefully pic of my newly aquired car is attached, one owner 56,000 original miles.
  12. Exactly, and I think the wrong "hand" car looks out of place. Nice Bentley though, Rich
  13. I KNOW !!!!!!!!! Even though Chrysler Australia built about 400 of these per year in Rhd format, spares are scarce as. There is more spares available in OZ for obscure Left Hooker Chrysler derivative imports. Interestingly silly Aussie buyers pay twice as much for a Lhd import equivalent cause I guess it is American,I cant fathom their logic. If you go to a hot rod or muscle car show here now you will find more than half are Lhd imports, I cant see how anyone here would enjoy driving a left hooker on our Rhd roads. I've said enough !!! However would my fellow Americans import a nice Rhd car to drive there or show I wonder?? R
  14. Narv N the 39 is different to all year models either side, seems Chrysler were not good at common body or dash/instrument or gloveboxes etc. R
  15. I am an Aussie customer and have always had first class service, Chris Paquin is very attentive and I cant understand why you guys are having problems,beats me !! R
  16. Howdy Guys, Here is a pic of my 1969 Aussie Dodge Phoenix with power disc brakes as standard, one owner with 56.000 original miles. R
  17. Not familiar with your systems, what is A body, C body etc
  18. Thanks to NTX and Jack also for the useful info.
  19. Thanks for all your input,seems the 1969 Aussie Dodge Phoenix is a RHD and re badged Fury 111. (The Dodge name was more accepted and marketed here in OZ than the Plymouth brand) Next question...Who are the best parts and accessory suppliers for this model? TKS, Rich
  20. Can somebody tell me the differences between a 1969 Fury 1, Fury 11, or Fury 111 ? Etc, I am trying to get a handle on the Aussie Dodge Phoenix which was a re badged Plymouth Fury, but which one ?? TKS, R
  21. Another Aussie owner of a rare 39 Chrysler assures me the little "jewelled" light above the dash gauge panel is a high beam indicator and not an O/D indicator?? R
  22. Thanks ATLBUZ You have solved part of the puzzle, my headlight switch has a red jewell too so this must be the High Beam indicator. This poses the question what is the little indicator light above the dash cluster for...an overdrive indicator?? Tricky
  23. Thanks to all the input so far, but is there an owner of an original and correct 1939 Chrysler that can offer a definitive answer?? R
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