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  1. My Chrysler workshop manual's Lubrication chart does not provide an Oil Grade type etc for a gearbox with overdrive, it does mention it but refers you back to the transmission section which also has no oil fill recommendations? or is it dummy me. The standard box uses Std 140 gear oil in summer and 90 in winter, I noticed one other post where Chrysler recommends Aircraft 70 Engine oil for the OD box? .... Sae140 gear oil? and 70 aircraft engine. ??? oil these two types are miles unlike. Looking forward to all input. Richard in Oz
  2. Thanks for the pic, I will go check mine, do you have a front pic where it links to lower control arm. R
  3. I recently spotted a dilapidated 39 Royal chassis and it had a front sway bar, was this standard or an option or maybe an aftermarket fitments, any clues. My 39 Royal sedan does not have such a front sway bar !! MMmnnn??
  4. Thought you might like to see a pic of my Aussie 1939 Royal, Hudsy Wudsy note Aussie assembled cars had different plain straight bumper which didn't hide waterfall grille. It was originally bought new by a gambling Catholic Priest then sold onto a rural Funeral/Taxi business in 1940. It remained with this family business for 75 years before I bought it, looks great doesn't it !
  5. Does President Trump have a car collection?
  6. Hi John, Nice old car, but still lotsa work, are you going to restore it ? I note it has an aftermarket sealed beam conversion. R
  7. Thanks so far guys, So !! The banjo multi spoked steering wheel may have been an option? My Aussie built '39 C22 has the solid spoke type yet a derelict engine/gearbox less car I just bought for spares has the banjo type. However I wouldn't think that with the small amount of cars that came to Australia (all in knocked down form) would have been offered with any options. Both the 6 cyl Royal (mostly) and a few 8 cyl Imperial's came here. So I wonder if the spoked banjo type was an Imperial fitment? Over to you, R
  8. On my late1938 built 1939 C22 Royal the steering wheel has 3 solid spokes yet I notice on some other cars they have Stainless steel "wire" Spokes ? Is this due to the month built or model option or whatever is in the assembly line parts bin,or ??!! This difference is also demonstrated if you Google images 1939 Chrysler steering wheels. The two types are illustrated. Any body have any clues why the difference? Rich
  9. Just thought I would newly re post just to display my new avatar which was personally drawn for me as a favour by a talented teenage lady. Emily is only 18 and studying Architecture, she sure has a flair for art. R
  10. As a favour,I recently took a lovely teenage lady and her partner to a High School dance ("Prom" ?) in my 39"Chrysler Royal and as a surprise she sent this '39 Chrysler Caricature drawing to me in unneeded thanks..... I was impressed and want to share it with you !! R
  11. An Update, My well regarded (and expensive) Auto Electrician has been and after 2 hours couldn't figure out the problem either. He does agree if you follow the workshop manual assembly pic (page 54) then it will be continually short circuited. He has gone back to his workshop to ponder the solution. He has asked if any one can provide a clear exploded view of the Horn Ring, contacts hub assy etc? Back soon. R
  12. Hi Everyone , Thanks for your input so far, please keep in mind this Chrysler model does not have a simple horn button but a "Blowing" ring. The way the horn contact/spring, electrical parts etc are depicted in the Workshop Manual, these would naturally be shorting out. If any of the readers have a '39 Chrysler manual please see if I am not right. In frustration I have now invited a local Auto Electrician wizz to come visit ($90 Call out Fee) and see if he can figure the correct assembly and or problem, I will keep you posted after he has been, Thanks, R
  13. G'Day John, YES,There is a wire up the middle of the column which connects to a 3 winged brass piece, which screws to insulated bosses in wheel. Under this brass "contact" there is a spring (about 1 3/4"Dia). Now my problem is as soon as I try to place 3 winged plate on top of spring ( Which fits into a large "Contact" washer under the steering wheel nut the horn blows.?? This will be clear as mud.... So in explanation,.. If the 3 wing plate (connected to the centre wire) is in turn placed on top of the spring which in turn is located by a large locating washer under the steering wheel nut then the circuit is straight away competed ( that seems weird) and I assume why the horn blows immediately) ??? What am I doing wrong?? Rich
  14. Ok, so I'll reply to myself to refresh, I have tried a few things but no success. Also I cant figure the electrical circuit? Is the steering column supposed to be electrically insulated from the body. The horns and relay work all ok it's just the hub horn parts and wiring I cant figure to get operating correctly. R
  15. I have experienced the same problem and had the tyres balanced many times (and tail shaft etc). Although they were able to be balanced OK, the problem turned out one was partially 1/2" out of round !! It easily checked by jacking a wheel/s to just clear the garage floor and hand rotate them. R
  16. HELP, Can anyone please provide a clear assembly schematic for the plates/spring/parts etc in the steering wheel hub for the Horn. My repro manual picture is too dark to decipher, hoping you all can help, Richard in OZ
  17. Hello, I was wondering if the late original 30's early 40's flat Chrysler sixes had valve seats adequate for unleaded or would they require a lead substitute fuel additive,? Thanks, R
  18. Hi Ted, That C Body web site and forums is very informative, Thanks, Your a Sweety
  19. Can a learned member please advise if the front Quarter light/ glass assemblies are the same part part number/fitment for either the 4 door sedan and/or the 4 door hardtop 1969 Fury 111 model. (In my case they are known as a Dodge Phoenix in Australia) See pic of typical 1/4 vent assy THANKYOU, R
  20. And it's 10,000 miles across the pond, tiring airplane trip, have done it twice. Rich
  21. Gidday Digger, Did you know that we have a famous slang name "Digger" for our World War Aussie Soldiers, this name came from their digging trenches on the frontlines as defence (and assault) with the enemy. Thanks to you and Keiser both for a lead on Fury 111 "Back Glass!!" You are right, we speak and spell different english to you guys but, that old song "You say Potartoe I say Potaaytoe" is a good example of how we can all differ. R
  22. Can any helpful member advise where I might source a replacement rear screen for my 69, 4 door Fury 3, new or 2nd Hand ? Thanks, Rich
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