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  1. That's great Bob. I now own 4 1946-1948 Chryslers myself and am looking at buying another one! I posted a question in the main chrysler catagory that you may be able to help me answer. It is about a 1948 Chrysler Royal business coupe. Thanks, Carl
  2. Hi Bob, Thanks for the info on the convertible actuator/ pump differences. I did not realize the 46-48 Chryslers didn't actually have a pump. Thanks, Carl
  3. Hi, I wouldn't think any convertible items would interchange from a 48 to your 54. Also, I would like to sell the convertible setup as a complete package and not each piece. Thanks for inquiring, Carl
  4. I've got a 1948 Chrysler Windsor convertible top frame, bows, pumps, etc to sell. I'm putting it out there to see if anyone might be interested and taking offers. Working condition unknown but in descent condition with little rust. Currently it is still in the car. Located in south central Missouri. Pictures available on request. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks, Carl
  5. I have a '47 Chrysler New Yorker that I am parting out. It has a running straight 8 engine, good fluid drive trans, tons of interior parts and most of the exterior stainless and some of the chrome. Do have the grill, has an excellent hood, maybe some good doors, and rear fenders Front fenders are rotted out pretty badly. Seats are in need of reupholstery, but the frames are really good as far as I can tell. No rear bumper, but do have front bumper. Great trunk lid and more parts, just let me know what you need. Email me at bikingin06@yahoo.com or give me a call. 417 252 7474 Thanks, Carl
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