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  1. Need a hood,trunk lid, doors and some misc parts hauled from Winchester, VA to the Springfield, MO area. It would be about a truck load. Anyone interested contact Carl at 417-252-7474
  2. Anyone have an empty trailer needing filled going from CA to Hershey meet or the midwest? Seeking a haul for a 1948 Chrysler going to southern Missouri. Anyone that might be interested, call me 417-252-7474 Thanks, Carl
  3. Jim do you have an open trailer going from Ca to Mo? Need a car hauled. Thanks, Carl Call or message me 417-252-7474
  4. Hi Dave I saw your reply that you are parting out a 48 Windsor sedan. Does it have a good passenger side rocker trim you'd sell? If so what would you want out of it. Thanks, Carl
  5. Thanks to all of you who provided information. The car I'm looking at is priced at 2,200 which I thought was a pretty good deal since it is pretty solid and only missing a rocker trim. Will any rocker trim from the 6 cylinder 46-48 Chryslers fit this Royal business coupe or is the trim specific to the business coupe? Anyone know? Thanks again! Carl
  6. That's great Bob. I now own 4 1946-1948 Chryslers myself and am looking at buying another one! I posted a question in the main chrysler catagory that you may be able to help me answer. It is about a 1948 Chrysler Royal business coupe. Thanks, Carl
  7. Hi I have a question for Bill Watson, Bob, and/or Rusty O'Toole or anyone else knowledgeable on the subject. I am looking at purchasing a 1948 Chrysler Royal Business coupe. How rare is the Royal business coupe? Any idea how many were originally produced? Also, what is one worth in non running condition, needing total restoration, but 99% complete and pretty solid body except for the floor. Thanks for any info, Carl
  8. Anyone need a car to haul from west to east (around 400 miles)? Need hauled from Ok. City, Ok to Willow Springs, Mo. Doesn't run so must have winch on your trailer. Message or call me 417-252-7474 Thanks, Carl
  9. Hi Bob, Thanks for the info on the convertible actuator/ pump differences. I did not realize the 46-48 Chryslers didn't actually have a pump. Thanks, Carl
  10. Hi, I wouldn't think any convertible items would interchange from a 48 to your 54. Also, I would like to sell the convertible setup as a complete package and not each piece. Thanks for inquiring, Carl
  11. Do you still have the trailer, if so call me 4172527474 thanks Carl
  12. I've got a 1948 Chrysler Windsor convertible top frame, bows, pumps, etc to sell. I'm putting it out there to see if anyone might be interested and taking offers. Working condition unknown but in descent condition with little rust. Currently it is still in the car. Located in south central Missouri. Pictures available on request. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks, Carl
  13. My in-laws have a 1965 Ford Thunderbird 2 door hardtop they'd like to sell. It has original interior in descent condition, believed to be original 390 engine, runs and drives smooth. It is a good driver car with an older amateur repaint in an orangish red color. The trim is good but the body has a couple dents and has a good deal of lower body rust that was fixed when repainted, but only cosmetically with bondo. It still would be a good car to restore or drive as is. $5,300 OBO For more info contact Rob at 417-252-0314 Car is located in southern Missouri
  14. Good to hear of a fellow car enthusiast in the Springfield area! Hope you got your doors transported. Carl (Willow Springs,Mo)
  15. I need a car hauled from Pittsburgh area to Willow Springs, Mo. Car rolls and steers but does not run, so a winch would be needed. Open trailer would be fine. I need this hauled within the next few weeks if possible. Oct 25 thru Nov. 10 Anyone heading from the northeast to midwest or west coast and needing to haul a car might be of interest to you. Let me know 417-252-7474 Thanks Carl