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  1. I am selling my Authentic Models Baby Bugatti. It has the original Bugatti badge, certificate from Authentic Models and touch up paint. It is brand new, never been sat in, driven or even touched the pavement. If you're interested, please PM or email me for more information.
  2. The stamp on mine reads BG3040042. I have no idea when these were built. All I have is the certificate of authenticity from Authentic Models. The certificate has their phone number on it so I'll try to call them tomorrow and see what kind of information I can get from them. As far as the motor, I haven't had much luck in finding the original Scintilla Starter that was used in the '27 Baby Bugatti. I like the idea of using a 12v starter so I'm currently trying to find a newer starter that has the same dimensions as the original. From what I can tell, the motor you used is 4 1/4 wide according to I just want to make sure the gears line up when the motor is strapped to the cradle. Is your motor a 12v or 24v?
  3. I just purchased a 1927 Baby Bugatti made by Authentic Models. It is brand new with tags, Bugatti emblem in plastic, etc. This thing has never seen the pavement. I'm extremely excited about it and now I'm in the same predicament that you once were in, I want to put a motor in it. My biggest struggle at this point is how to wire the accelerator. Do you have any pictures showing the detailed wiring to the pedal? Any supporting schematics or documentation would be greatly appreciated. I understand you bought the wiring upgrade from a third party company. Thank you very much for your time and I hope this messages reaches you at some point in the near future.