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  1. Is the timing chain cover depth the same with an 1963 A/C 394 vs a non A/C 1963 394? I've gotten two different 3 groove harmonic balancers and neither of them have a long enough shaft on the back to go all the way to the driveshaft without hitting the water pump. I'm stumped on this one.
  2. I'm adding A/C to my 62 Starfire that has a 63 394 in it. First question: is the water pump different? I can't find any info on an AC water pump, but often times there is a difference. I did get a triple pulley for it from a junkyard via mail. Second question; I found a stock AC mount for my engine. It has the generator type bracket on it (instead of alternator). As you guys would be aware that gen has two pulleys and hangs downwards, which makes it an odd duck for finding one. Any suggestions? I'm using a stock (reman) compressor with a Vintage Air Heater and AC Unit. Thank you much! Rick
  3. Does anybody out there have a good set of 62 Starfire panels, or are you reproducing a complete set (with the wind-sails)? Or know of one? Thanks, Rick
  4. Do you happen to have a set of decent headliner and wind-sail panels for a 62 Starfire?
  5. Hey all, I'm putting my 62 Starfire back together. I got a sweet new set of side panels from Jaswest. Amazing stuff. I do not have the original various moulding clips that are used to put the panels on, and to hold all of the trim on for the sides of the car (for the panels and the long pieces higher up along the sides), or the trim for the rear deck lid. I do have the rocker panel pieces. I could sure use some help. I've called various places and mailed some of the broken old clips in for samples. No luck. Let me know if you have any ideas, or if you sell complete sets. Thanks! Rick
  6. Hey guys, I'm looking for a pair of rust free inner fender bottoms that bolt on to the bottom inner fender just ahead of the doors. Anybody have a set available? Or know where to look? Thanks, Rick
  7. Hey all, The 1962 Starfire will be coming out of the body shop soon and I'm still looking for a few parts. I need a good straight rear bumper. Know of any? Or know where I can pick up a good re-chromed unit? Salt and exhaust ate holes in the original bumper (too bad, it was straight). Also, I need (for both sides) the chrome piece of trim that goes along the BOTTOM of the aluminum panel, behind the front tire, and ahead of the door. Let me know what you got, or are aware of. Stay warm, Rick
  8. Mike, I need a good back bumper. I also need the big aluminum fender panels, and the bottom piece of chrome trim for those panels for the front right and left side. Do you have them? If so please provide contact info. Rick
  9. Elvis, Any idea where I can find the correct PPG paint code for the white paint used on a 62 Starfire? Rick
  10. Hey all, I took off my rear bumper and I'm lucky it didn't fall on my head. The bottom of it was very rusty. Rest of the car is pretty rust free. Anyway I need a different bumper. I'm looking for a nice straight unit with decent chrome. this is a driver. My backup lights are in good shape so I don't need those. Also I need the big aluminum panels for both front fenders, AND the chrome piece that goes on the bottom of that aluminum panel, behind the front tire, and ahead of the door. I believe it have 4 posts that go through the fender for fastening. Again, this is a driver and they don't need to be perfect, but I would like them nice. Thanks, Rick
  11. I need a rear bumper for a 1962 Olds Starfire. I nice straight unit, with no rust. chrome should be good. Also I need the big aluminum panels for both front fenders. And the small (one foot long) chrome piece that goes on each front fender, below the aluminum panel, behind the wheel and ahead of the door. It has 4 attachers I think. I need that part for both the driver and passenger sides.
  12. I need some of these crazy looking clips as well. Anybody have a source?
  13. Thank you. What is the normal operating temperature for the 1962(3) 394?
  14. My poor old radiator is falling apart. Anybody have a good source for a replacement? 1962 Starfire. 394 automatic