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  1. Mickey, any luck on finding any 2XL meet shirts? Carrfixr was asking. thanks, Matt
  2. Is the master cylinder leaking anywhere? Do you see any signs of brake fluid leaks in and around the master cylinder? Something I was thinking is maybe the pushrod seals inside the master cylinder are shot and have come apart causing them not to hold pressure when the brake pedal is applied. Being that it has sat for 8 yrs I would remove the brake booster and master cylinder and take a look at those items for signs of leakage, old and expired seals and gaskets. I believe there would also be a rubber vacuum line from the booster to the engine, investigate that as well. Just some things I was thinking of. Matt
  3. Yes the registration or hospitality folks at the host hotel should have directions from the host hotel to the show field available to those that need it. Matt
  4. Margie and Rays is a favorite on mine and my wife's. We had lunch there this past weekend. http://margieandrays.com/home-margies/ Matt
  5. Well said Mark. Whole heartedly concur and agree.
  6. Looking for a Rotunda NOS Light Beige seat belt p/n: C5AZ-6261200-AR. thanks, Matt
  7. It's great seeing the number of registered vehicles going up! Matt
  8. As of this month there are 238 registered vehicles for our meet. I can see why some are waiting until after Charlotte to register for our meet in order to properly register for class/award you are seeking. I plan on attending Louisville after our meet and won't register for Louisville until I know how I do here. Looking forward to having everyone here in our region, just crossing my fingers for good weather. Matt TRAACA
  9. Mark, I just looked in the publications tab and the new guidelines have been posted and are revised for 2015. http://www.aaca.org/images/judge/2015_AACA_Judging_Manual.pdf Matt
  10. Something similar happened to me while having a WTB ad in the buy/sell forum. I received the following from screen name tanthony: PCV valve Searching for a hex base non threaded PCV valve for my 1965 C code 28 We're currently parting out and clearing the garage with lots of original parts for sale. A number to call you is very important. You can e-mail me on tanthony605@gmail.com Cheers, Anthony Thompson United Kingdom I sent an email to him w/ no reply. Possibly another scammer out there. Matt
  11. My guess is its for another type of car. Mustang cores have much shorter tubes where the heater hoses connect and are the same diameter. This one looks to have different diameter tubes. Matt
  12. Looking for a good original pair of interior kick panels (C5DB7602345/44CW) for a `65 Mercury Comet Caliente convertible. Color not an issue. Kick panels from a `65 Ford Falcon convertible will work too. Thanks, Matt
  13. no joy, they didn't have anything. Still looking.
  14. Looking for a pair of blue kick panels, C5DB7602344/5 CW for a '65 Comet Caliente convertible. thanks, Matt Doscher 757-448-7048
  15. still looking for a good used or NOS noise suppressor for the voltage regulator.
  16. Here's a '67 289 one. http://www.streetsideclassics.com/showcar.php/atl/1708/1967-Ford-Fairlane-GTA
  17. I don't know if they are the same but I'm looking for a voltage regulator noise suppressor for my '65 Mercury Comet. So your '64 or '65 Lincolns still have their voltage regulator noise suppressors? If so would you be able to provide a few pics? thanks, Matt
  18. Drove my '65 Mustang on Monday to pick up my wife from work. It is always nice to get it and our '65 Comet out on the road. Matt
  19. Here's a '63 Sprint: http://www.streetsideclassics.com/showcar.php/cha/2119/1963-Ford-Falcon-Sprint I know it's not the '65 your looking for but it's nice, maybe a little overpriced. Matt
  20. Sorry you had to let it go for so little. I don't know why people put those ridiculously large rims on these cars. To me they look like remote control cars afterwards.
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