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  1. Hello Harold. Do you have any of these catalogs 1991 or newer? thanks, Matt
  2. It's a tour where the older square shaped automobiles lead the way followed by progressively newer year automobiles. In this case a 1914 Model T led the tour followed by a 1929 Model A and 1929 Buick, and progressively getting newer with a 1990 Ford Ranger at the very end.
  3. The Tidewater Region held its 15th annual Square Car Tour this past Saturday. Following Friday’s deluge of rain and severe weather the skies broke allowing for nice driving conditions. Twenty four vehicles participated and we began the day by meeting at a club members home in for coffee, donuts and socializing. After a brief driver’s meeting by Terry Bond we departed and were on our way. Richard and Sandy Hall served as road scouts driving several car lengths ahead of the group ensuring safe road conditions. The tour was officially led by Terry Bond in his 1914 Model T Ford. Our route consisted of country backroads through southern Chesapeake and Virginia Beach and northern Currituck County in North Carolina. We had a scheduled pit stop at the Northwest River Park to allow for folks to stretch their legs and enjoy the scenery. We had to dodge a few low lying spots in the roads along our route containing standing water but we all made it through. We had a second pit stop scheduled for Munden Point Park in Virginia Beach but to get there we had to cross the Intracoastal Waterway (North Landing River) via Pungo Ferry Rd but there was a low spot on Pungo Ferry holding too much water for safe passage so each car made a u-turn and we circled back to Blackwater Trading Post for an impromptu rest stop. Following our rest stop we continued on making our way to Angie’s Restaurant for our scheduled 2PM lunch. Everyone arrived safely and without incident and enjoyed a hearty lunch. Thankfully the weather held out allowing for us to get our Tour in because as most folks were leaving Angie’s the rain began to fall once again.
  4. To properly convert from a straight 6 to a V8 you need to swap out the 6cyl suspension w/ the more beefy V8 stuff which includes swapping to 5 lug wheels. All the front suspension should have been swapped over to V8 stuff to support the heavier V8 engine. Sounds like the axles were done to which was the right way to do it. Small 6cyl axles and rear ends are not designed for V8 engines. Sounds like the previous owner who did the conversion knew what needed to be done and did it the right way. Matt
  5. Ford Falcon. It's a universal side view mirror. Matt
  6. Jim, It's always intriguing to hear about those garage/barn finds that are still out there and it's hard to imagine how someone can just sit on a car like that and doing nothing with it for such a long time. If this Mustang was originally a 6cyl from the factory there will be a T in the 5th digit of the VIN. All 6cyl '66's had 4 lug wheels and all V8's had 5 lug wheels. The top motor and hydraulic lines are behind the rear seat back. You can remove the back seat and then remove the seat back retaining bolts to gain access to the top motor and lines. The lifting rams would be behind the rear seat quarter trim. There should be a up/down switch mounted to the dash to the left of the steering column if it is a power top. Engine numbers are in the same location for 289/302 (behind the starter) and I believe a 289 would have a thinner harmonic damper compared to a 302. You could also pop off the valve covers and the heads would have either 289 or 302 cast into them. Ideally the VIN stamping on the drivers fender will match the data plate on the drivers door. There is also another VIN stamping underneath the passenger fender. Matt
  7. Nice Chevy wagon John! You can always participate in DPC and still get a grille badge if HPOF doesn't pan out. Matt
  8. I personally don't see an issue w/ the grouping of HPOF vehicles. It's the same over in DPC, they are mixed there as well. That's just how it is. I didn't mind being in between 2 very early cars compared to my '91 at Hershey. Matt
  9. In Virginia we have a non-geographical association of all the regions within the State called Old Dominion Meet Association (ODMA). We have an annual Meet hosted by one of the regions within Virginia (each year a different region hosts the annual ODMA Meet). Our next Meet is scheduled for 21-23 APR 2017 and will be hosted by the Tidewater Region (TRAACA). Here is some info: http://odma.aaca.com/about/ Additionally TRAACA hosts an annual Meet the last weekend in September at the Military Aviation Museum in Pungo, VA (the site of our 2015 National Meet for those that attended). Here is some info on our Annual Meet: http://www.militaryaviationmuseum.org/Wings_Wheels_2016.html Matt
  10. Shouldn't have to wait until next year to get a shirt. Reach out to the Hershey Region http://www.hersheyaaca.org/contact.html to see if they have any you can get. Matt
  11. Hey Jerry. I'm pretty sure we'll have the sun but not the cooler temps! Matt
  12. Looks like the VIN decodes to a 1988 Buick Reatta.
  13. Looking to buy a power steering centerlink for a '65 Mercury Comet 6cyl or '65 Ford Falcon 6cyl. thanks, Matt
  14. Nice looking Marquis! I know you'll enjoy getting it back on the road and driving it again. Try Lucas Classic Tires. Looks like they have G, H, and L 78's available. Here: http://www.lucasclassictires.com/Search-by-Tire-Size_c67.htm If your unable to find the correct original ones like the HR JR LR ones then the modern radial replacement ones would be accepted. Hope this helps, Matt
  15. $34,900 seems awfully high to me. It's a nice looking Comet. The Caliente trim was just below the Cyclone trim level for '65. You had 202, 404, Caliente and Cyclone for '65. Make sure the VIN on the door data tag matches the stamped VIN on the fender apron. Those shiny wheels are not correct. The a/c compressor and lines are aftermarket. The under dash unit looks correct. The yellow air cleaner and valve covers are correct. The tower style hose clamps are correct. Looks like it has an aftermarket radiator overflow tank. The AM radio looks correct w/ "COMET" on the dial face. If it has been restored it should not have any cowl panel rust rot or rust around the wheel wells and trunk. My wife has a '65 Caliente 6cyl convertible. They are comfortable cars. This one for sale would not take much to make it more period correct if that is what you are looking for. Matt
  16. If I'm not mistaken the '63's headlight switches had the internal circuit breakers inside the switch. Just like on '65's. Replace the switch and youshould be good.
  17. No, nothing. I have my parking pass and receipt for payment. That's all I received in the mail. Nothing was mentioned about any additional preventative measures to be taken w/ all the show cars indoors. It must not be that big of a concern. Matt
  18. We still have photographs available of vehicles that were entered in the AACA Eastern Spring Meet. If you would like to purchase a copy of your vehicle’s photo, they are available from the club for $10. Please make checks payable to the TRAACA and send them to Richard Hall at 500 Mustang Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23322. If you have questions, contact Richard at (757) 482-2821 or mgtb48173@cox.net.
  19. All those that attended our TRAACA Meet in May we still have some Small and Med T-Shirts left and are selling them for $5.00 plus shipping; We have some Meet programs left as well and are selling them for $3.00 plus shipping. The pictures taken in front of the planes are $10.00 plus shipping. Contact Richard Hall to request your photo at: MGTB485173@Cox.net. Those interested in T-Shirts or Meet programs contact me, Matt Doscher at: VLW78@Hotmail.com. thanks, Matt
  20. Nice wagon! Love the color and styling! Matt
  21. It was a great tour, and well planned out. It was nice seeing residents of the local communities we drove through standing in their front lawns and waving as we drove by! There's nothing like seeing a steady procession of 25+ square cars and classics parade down the road! Matt
  22. Just a suggestion, why not upload some digital pic's of the car? I think you'll be hard pressed to find someone willing to pay $15 just to see the pic's. Matt
  23. Yep, I understand and agree w/ needing good brakes while moving the car around the shop/garage. I would check everything brake related from the master and booster, both front brake hoses and calipers and both rear brake hoses and depending on if the rears are drums or discs check the wheel cylinders/calipers. A lot of times the rubber seals in the wheel cylinders on drum equipped cars will develop a leak and/or the small piston within the wheel cylinder will become defective. But I would check all these things to rule everything out since it's been sitting so long. Matt
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