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  1. UPDATE: It's been awhile and we still have her - Not much interest on E-Bay or Craigslist. So I had the transmission redone, and a new muffler from Waldron's - Drives great and sounds like it should. Fun to drive with the three-on-the-tree, rides nice and goes fast. Just wanted to thank everyone who has followed this thread for your support and input, really couldn't had done this much without your knowledge and encouragement. Got to show her off a bit at the BCA Regional in Brooklyn Center, MN and it was fun - parked next to my brother's completely restored 55 Roadmaster Convertible -- befo
  2. At the Crossroad We are having a blast with this project: Had the radiator, gas tank, fuel pump rebuilt; replaced driver's side window and did a lot of spit a polish. We also found some miscellaneous parts here and there. Drained and cleaned all the fluids, flushed everything out, changed the oil filter then refilled all the fluids and sure enough -- it started! It doesn't have a muffler and the brakes are weak; it has second hand master cylinder and the front brakes are crimped off. But it did fire right up and sounded pretty good, I then put it into gear and all three (1st, 2nd and 3rd
  3. This is why I'm doing this -- Quality time with my son. The 55 Super is running and driving (all 3 gears work and reverse) -- it is a blast to drive. Still needs muffler and front brakes (kind of over spent this summer), but we are excited about our progress and will take the next step soon. Thanks for all the support and looking forward to that next step....
  4. I've switched most comments and updates to "Me and My Buick" -- But, Check out this video -- Evan and I got the Nailhead going, we are very excited. Still lots to do and as always, any and all advise welcomed. We never would have gotten this far without responses from these forums. Brakes and Muffler are next...
  5. Update -- Evan and I got the 55 Buick Super running; still needs a muffler, brakes and much more.... But it's running, Check out video. . All & any advise still welcomed -- Thanks to everyone who has helped out.
  6. Thanks again - wouldn't be able to attempt this without your advice. Theses maybe questions that shows our inexperience at anything like this, but here there are - What type of oil is best for this car? I'm assuming 10/30. It's also been suggested that I use Dexron III or IV for the transmission fluid since the "Type A" is difficult to find, do you agree? I'll keep you posted with progress. John & Evan
  7. Thanks, just got the fuel pump and tank back yesterday -- I'll keep you posted
  8. Thanks for all the advice -- I pulled the gas tank and took it into "Tank-Renew" to get it taken care of, the fuel pump is done "Then & Now" and should be back in a couple of days. I also drained the oil and next will drop the oil pan. I don't have valve covers but did take the engine valley covers off -- How clean should I get this, and what is a good way to clean it? Also, what/where is the oil pump galley, for flushing/purging with oil? How much oil should I use? We are first timers and your experience is appreciated. As I read your suggestions, I'm not sure where the fuel filter i
  9. Update: Fuel pump was sent in per advice given here - "Then & Now", should be back next week. Fuel tank is also going to be refurbished, also should be done by the end of next week. Hoping to put it all back together and fire it up as soon as I get the parts back, then I'll post results. Thanks again for the great advice and if you are attending the National meet, have a great trip and time.
  10. 1166849 on right side (drivers side) 1166949 space 6 or 5 on the other side (passenger side) on the manifold it has 1165384-1-15 (the second dash has a circle around it). The Reservoir say transmission fluid type A. Thanks for your interest -- any and all comments are welcome...<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  11. 1166849 on right side (drivers side) 1166849 space 6 or 5 on the other side (passenger side) on the manifold it has 1165384-1-15 (the second dash has a circle around it). The Reservoir say transmission fluid type A. Thanks for your interest -- any and all comments are welcome...
  12. The rest of the floors are in much better shape -- We've taken the seats out and I think we can get by with just replacing the drivers side for now. Keep watching -- Today, I tried to pull the gas tank out. Not much luck, but we will get it...
  13. It's been recommendation that I use this thread for our project -- Thanks again to all those who have read and responded to my post, I feel like we can now proceed with giving this classic a new life. Attached are some pictures: What's been done - Pulled out radiator and had it refurbished, flushed out system (three times; very rusty), replaced hoses and install thermostat. Painted fan cover and reinstalled. Pulled out Fuel Pump and will either buy the kit or send it on to be redone. Next: Check the brakes and fuel tank, thanks to those who have helped.
  14. I do not know much about the history of this car -- the power steering reservoir and pulley do not seem original to this vehicle (reservoir says to fill with Transmission Fluid Type A?). The engine number is 116849 on the manifold it says 165384 - 1 -15. I've attached pictures of floor and column (the floor obviously needs to be replace. I'll start a thread in the Me and My Buick Forum, thanks for your interest and help.
  15. Thanks for all the replies -- Appreciate the help. I've joined BCA member #47124, have also joined the Gopher State Chapter. I did attend the Rochester and Iowa National Conventions a few years ago, had a great time. Dale, I've been taking pictures and drawing diagrams -- good advise. Also appreciate the comments about the car history, thanks bulldog. I'll be sending the fuel pump to be rebuilt, thanks again. John & Evan
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