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  1. Hi Steve, Indeed no balance pipe. I was told that the way the balance pipewas was made, I would't have the maximum benefit. The best form would be a X-pipe., because the two pipes are directly connected. This is difficult to construct for a Riviera. The new exhaust is more quiet inside and outside the car then the older one. It has a lower sound. If the engine is running I experience a bit more vibrations. I like the way the pipes are cut at the end. Thanks for your reply. Martin
  2. Hi there, Here a update. Last week a new handmade exhaustsystem. Simple and solid! This year the Riviera is sitting on new tires, got 4 new wheelbrakecilinders and this exhaust was the latest thing so far. I am happy with it! Martin
  3. Martin Monsjou

    Opel GT Hi, I don't know if this will help you further but in februari 2015 this one was for sale on eBay. Martin The Netherlands
  4. Sorry, I hope I didn't offended someone. lets be clear about it, at the end I was referring to the Buick. I am not sure if a Buick is a she or a he. Because off its beauty I use the word 'she'. About the woman. In general they deserve my highest respect! Is the car known to anybody? Is she made by Buick or did someone a hell off a job?
  5. Would like to know more about her. Are there more pictures? Would like to see the front and rear section..
  6. Hi there, When soaking all your good information the outcome will be something like handmade pipes and one stainless muffler in the back which would also acts as a balance pipe. I am not sure what the function of resonator is. Originaly they are located on each side. Is it a kind of extra muffler? Thanks Bernie for the great sound exemple. Hearing it on my soundsystem makes it overwhelming.
  7. Hi Steve, When I search on this site they go back for Buick Riviera till 1964. is it compatible to 1963?
  8. Thank you all for your information, Ed, your info about the balance pipe interest me (good for sound and balancing exhaust pulse). Your advice about the construction will be considered. Is a flexibele pipe an option? JZRIV, I think you are right about using aluminisized pipes in my situation. I have to get in contact with Waldron for costs including shippingcostst. Plus, somehowe I want to know the way it sounds. Bernie, I can not look into the future but my guess is that I won't sell this car in the near future. The way my car is used by me,it won't have a hard time I hope... Steelman, I am very interested in your exhaust system. It is silent! I would like to hear the sound. So, again, I am very greatfull to you all. Have to do some research now about the different options and sounds. I have to visit some shops in The Netherlands. Best regards,
  9. Hi, I have Buick Riviera 1963 running on LPG and this year it will need new exhausts because the current ones won't live long anymore. The LPG in relation to the exhaust is that the engine will get hotter and so the exhausts. The current aren't original but they have a good sound. I would discribe it as very silent, which I prefer. To give you a impression some pictures. Question 1 As you can see there is a connection between the two pipes, balance pipe is the correct name for it I think. Original there is no such pipe. Is it usefull or not? If yes, is this the most preferable location? Question 2 There are now two mufflers, one under each side of the front seats. Because they are located there, I think it contributes to the low sound which, as state earlier, I like. Besides this, the original muffler is located at the back off the car and will collect more condence because it is less heated. Is my current configuration a good one? Question 3 If the current configuration is OK, I think to make the pipes of rustfree material because of it's unique form and the muffles can be off plain steel to cut the cost. The car will only drive on dry days and is stored in a garage. Sounds this logical? Question 4 Should I go for original w or w/o balance pipe? Thanks in advance for any reply. It's much appreciated!
  10. Hello Stephane, I am wondering what you have done so far in getting your dreamcar. Have you already been looking in reality for one. And if you did why was a deal not possible. I know for me it took three years to finally having bought one..just 30 km from my home. Let us know how your hunt is developping.