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  1. Lots of Good ideas and I am working on most of them. Restoration supplies are winging a float over to me. I understand that there should be two paper gaskets. When I stripped the carb down for ultrasonic cleaning there were no gaskets. Can anyone tell where they should go. Also does anyone have an exploded drawing of the carb as don't want to get anything back together the wrong way round, unfortunately I am getting a little forgetful. I guess I will have to photograph everything I take apart in future. If anyone has a drawing I would appreciate a .jpg so I can blow it up to letter size. Thank
  2. I am having serious problems with identifying the model of the Marvel carburettor on my 1923 Australian Buick. The main reason I am unsure is that the ID plate attached to the float chamber cover gives the patent date as July 16th 1912 –Jan 25th 1921. I need to try and find a rebuild kit if possible as my float just sinks like a stone and is in a very poor condition and must be replaced, a new needle and seat would also be an extremely good idea. Can anyone tell me who to contact for a rebuild kit – if they are available? I believe the carb should be a Marvel model K but I could easily be wron
  3. I need help trying to find a good reliable replacement for my useless Marvel carb. It has been suggested that a 1927 Carter BB1 from a Chrysler 75 would be ideal. The car is used for touring and weddings so consequently needs to be reliable, originality is not a priority. I would value members opinions and suggestions as to a suitable replacement.
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