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  1. Story goes that a shipment of Adams cars bound for US went down with the Titanic.
  2. Will suit my '27 phaeton, can you post to New Zealand ?
  3. Trimacar, thanks for your concern for New Zealand members. My wife and myself relocated from Christchurch after the devastating earthquake of 2011 and now live in Nelson which is about 100 miles from the epicentre of the latest quakes. I guess we are both used to them now after experiencing hundreds of earthquakes and aftershocks over the years, as are most people who live on the South Island. There is no damage here in Nelson but many land slips have occurred blocking highways south, and damage to interisland ferry terminals have disrupted vehicle movement between North and South i
  4. Auburn Cord Parts should have the data sheet for modifications to gearbox mainshaft and also supply the thicker thrust washer. This is an inexpensive mod that should not be overlooked as Cords are known for exploding gearboxes without it !
  5. Wow ! Great video. Now wish I had foresight to document my resto instead of the odd half dozen happy snaps that I seem now to have.
  6. The filling caps under the cowl lid were for adding oil and water without opening the hood. Confused driveway attendants were found to be mistakenly adding water to the oil and oil to the water so they were deleted on later cars. It looks as though that hole in your firewall was cut to access the timing chain at some stage. Your engine looks to be correct as it is, distributor, fuel pump, air cleaner and regulator all appear original. These cars are great drivers, having driven thousands of miles in mine, but strongly recommend you do the gearbox mod ( thicker thrust washer) and re
  7. Morris Golden Film AG250, about half the price of Penrite here in New Zealand, and is available in 5 litres. British company, so don't know if available in US though.
  8. Wow, what a great idea, that is one cool trunk !!!
  9. It's not breaking it while bending you should be worried about. It's breaking while driving due to internal stresses caused by the heat and bending. DONT DO IT !!!
  10. Auburnseeker ....... If it's not against posting rules, why not let everyone here know your EBay ID. Many of us are buyers / restorers and would rather buy from you than some unknown cowboy. Just a thought !.
  11. 250 GTO Ferrari. will never own one, but hell, we can all dream.
  12. Barry, our prayers and good wishes go out to you and your wife. Thank God you had the foresight to fit seat belts.. Get well soon.
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