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  1. Ah Thanks! Jackofalltrades70 ;-) It seemed one inner wire was loose so we fixed that, also the copper strap on starter was broke and fixed that. It turns over at this moment but, with a new 6 v battery, very slowly, not really enthousiastly... I noticed there's only one ground strap and thats from engine to battery, So think i will make two more tomorrow... one from battery to frame and one from engine to frame. Hope that helps, for now we also couldnt see any spark, but maybe thats due the lack of ground and starting power also...
  2. Working on my bud's Buick 1946 Sedanette... a car that hasnt run for a while and wich prev owner didnt get to start. Now we are looking, when we try to start it the startermotor bendex goes out but also there seems to be short-circuit at the point where the startercable connects to starter. So we wandered... startermotor no good or could it be that this Buick has postive ground (its wired by prev owner as negative ground... We dont get it ;-( Anyone here?
  3. Grant, Thanks 4 your reply, I understand that... still in doubt If I want to change also, but as traffic & rules are tottaly different overhere then on your side of the pond, + old Buick parts are really hard to get overhere. I thought I'd give the mind rest by putting the question here. again, Thanks! Cheers Skip'
  4. Hello' Thinking about doing a dics brake conversion at my '40 Buick Coupe. The ( front ) drums are all bad and now that I'm working on it I guess it is possible do make a disc brake conversion. Anyone done this before? Which discs can I use the best & which modern roller bearings would fit them and my spindles? I allready emailed DiscBrakeMike but somehow he's not responding. As I'm in the Neds... think it's easyer to make the bracket on my own (?) Any ideas? Cheers Skip'
  5. Discovered that compartment also in my 1940 Buick Coupe, took like three garbage bags full of rat phoe and seat stuff out of there recently ;-)
  6. Hello' Want to remove my front ( grill + fenders, etc ) to swap the engine on my '40 Buick Coupe, wd 40'd all the bolts but can't see just where to start to dismantle ... anyone a diagram of the front, or some good advice... did it before? Can't seem to find anything... Thanks & Cheers Skip' www.VonSkip.com
  7. Thanks Guys! If the same thread / bolts are used up till 57 I shall look in here in the Netherlands first before sending overseas... If that doesnt work I will pm you 2carb40! Thanks for that! Cheers Skip'
  8. Hello' I'm Skip from the Netherlands, just started my new project... a 1940 Buick Coupe It's missing a few bolts for hooking up the wheels properly, Does anyone know where I can get them? Hope to hear... Cheers Skip' www.VonSkip.com