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  1. So I checked the wiring behind the key starter. The screw in the back runs and is connected to the coil. The remaining 2 screws on the side of key starter have various wires going out. So I made up 2 wires and placed them on the screws. leaving all other wires attached. I ran the 2 wires and joined them to the screws on the push button starter. The wires from the push button starter lead to, 1 wire goes to the coil, and other wire connects to starter solenoid. Still am not getting power to the push button starter, am missing something somewhere. I do have the 40 Buick manual with the wiring diagram.
  2. There is power in everything under the hood in my switch to 12 volts in my 40 Buick. The problem is no power getting to the push button start from the key when I turn it on. There is no wire going from the key to the push button start. I am wondering where to run a wire from back of key switch to starter button. Not worried about gauges right now, besides they all don't work anyway. Just want to get the car running. Thanks.
  3. I am currently switching my 40 Buick to 12 volts. I have removed the generator and put in an alternator with a self contained voltage regulator, thus eliminating the car's original. I put in the required ignition coil. Also replaced the starter solenoid. Of course replaced the battery to a 12 volt. Made all the wiring changes according to the info sent to me by vintage auto garage, where I purchased the kit. My 40 Buick method of starting the vehicle has been switched to a push button start. Now is where I am stuck. When I push the button, I am getting a clicking sound as if its trying to send power thru, but nothing is turning over on the engine. Am I missing a wire to some place, sounds electrical problem to me, but I don't have a clue. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
  4. I have the following parts from a 1940 Buick Special for sale: All original glass from 1940 Buick, except the passenger side rear door -- it's in great shape with no cracks or chips; Chrome that surrounds the car front to back; Complete set of 4 hubcaps; 4 wheel trim rings; chrome pieces outlining the windows; interior metal around frame inside of the doors; and several other items from the car. I will have them with me in South Bend next week. If interested or if you have any questions, please contact me by message or email --- oldbuick1940@verizon.net. Thanks!
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