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  1. Bob, you have been very helpful We are having fun getting started...William took out spark plugs today...getting ready to work on everything and dump fluids, etc., I think we may keep the oil bath filter as you advised...I think it is pretty cool. Would you get the original plugs, etc., and stay as original as you could even though we know the paint job is not original? Looking in the trunk, you can not tell it was not originally painted that way...it looks like it was painted many years ago, just not sure why someone would paint so soon...maybe when they received the car, they didn't like the salmon looking color and changed it?? Don't know and guess we will never get to the bottom of it since we don't know the original owner...and maybe we are being to picky..But thanks for any input....what oil do you uxe for you (r 57 46C....man that is a nice ride. ) Jenny
  2. thanks bob for the information looks like we have a older model repaint there are door stickers with oil changes at 17000 miles so this had to be dome before then unless new speedometer was installed... has anyone change out the air filter with a now model so i can get rid of the oil in the air filter area or should i leave this alone and keep the original air filter... This car is solid just not all original as the owner stated ... and has sat up for the last 10 years going to drain all fluids change wires p;lugs and then check it out hope all goes well im a little worried evern though it did run... any advice form anyone would be helpfull thanks williamand jenny
  3. Bob, we have a 1957 buick 2 dr sedan....the paint color says it is P/P however it is light green/dark green (must have been repainted even though the seller said "all original")....however the interior should be ivory/black and it has a light green dash, door panels, visors, etc., all interior has light green tint..?? Have you ever seen the tag to be wrong colors? Cant imagine the interior is wrong too...it has Paint code as P/P and Trim as 471...which does not match?? Any help Jenny
  4. We just purchased a 1957 Buick 2Dr Sedan and was told everything was original. In checking #'s...Paint color on tag is P/P which says it is Shell Beige....but the car is a light green above and dark green below...the confusing thing is the dash matches the light green color and I think the interior vinyl also has a green tint (hard to tell) and door panels with green tint...doesn't make sense that interior would have not match exterior...any change our tag is wrong? Or it had to be repainted at some point...if it was, it was excellent paint job because you can not tell anywhere. Can you tell me the interior colors of the 1957 Buick's? Your thoughts...Jenny (William)
  5. thanks that is why i purchased car arrived yesterday and a lot short of what i excpected it solid but needs alot of tlc and almost all the chrome redone...also i dont think the generator is charging even though it says it is ? how can i check this and does anyone know about how much rechroming bumbers would be... and where the best place to look for the following original A/c , power steerning, and power brakes.... i am very new to this and would like any assistance with where to get chrome done and parts... thanks william yes the style is why i purchased just love the lines on the back and the three windows one last ? how would i check to make sure the engine matches the car and car color and assories that were with this car when new. I think i may have paid to much but that being said i love the car... willliam
  6. very nice ride every decide to sell let us know.... my 57 2 door special will arrive thursday... nice but just not the same... thanks for the pic william and jenny
  7. Bob, I am assuming all your cars listed here you own? Can you send pic of the 57 Buick 46c...just what we would have wanted! We have 1940 46C converatible
  8. how many, how much $ and condition.. thanks william also looking for 1940 c-46 running boards..
  9. thanks for the replie looking for someone to repair spedometer and rims thnaks william also looking for 1940 c-46 running boards ... this is all very new to me... just getting feet wet... with these old cars... thanks william
  10. it is all the way open like going in excess of 125 just bought it and was like this... william just getting invoved with the old cars ...
  11. looking to have someone repair a speedometer on 1957 buick.. help...anyone
  12. looking for someone to repair a 1957 speedometer on special..help william
  13. just purchased a 57 special and need to repair speedometer any one now of a person to repair and i hope i didnt pay to much just fell in love with the looks .. any help would be apreciated thanks william