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  1. Good morning fellow Lincoln owners. Been a Lincoln mark fan for many many years. I recently got sick with the H12 virus and this year I got 5 Lincoln continental. 1941 1942 1946 1947 a 1948 been the 42 the one that needs to most help the 47 is a convertible but the top linkage bows are gone. Any one has any info of where to get one. By the way windshield frame is also missing thankx for you help Humberto 847 800 5124
  2. Buenos Dias . Amigo El numerous de series lo puedes. Localizar en 3 lugares. En la concha de la transmicion por arriva quitando la tapa en el centro del piso del auto. En el chassis arriva de del tuvo de combustible al tanque y en el puente de lantern del chassis si gust as puedes llamarmo por telefono tengo varios de Estos autos. My numero Es 847 800 5124 saludos. Humberto
  3. It a 65 the small hole for the turn signal on the fenders gives it away
  4. Sorry I see this post is a bit old but I will try yes could you please my ph num is 847 783 0525 Humberto call me please
  5. Looking for 41 continental head light rings . Parking light lenses . Rocker panel molding except front fender molding . Spear tire cover . Let me know. 847 800 5124
  6. Are you going to be at the Lincoln home coming event in Michigan this august?
  7. Hi Keith Frist just going to say. WOW Thankx for doing this greate job and then I need a pair of this how do I get them? I just need the left one. But be better to get both so there is no deferece between the original and the new one. please call me when you have a chance. 847. 800 . 5124
  8. Hi Jim I would like a pair please let me know Humberto 847-800-5124 Thank X
  9. Hi. If You have the drip moldings I am interested so as the rear bumper I am just north if Chicago please let me know. Thank X Humberto 847-800-5124
  10. Hi Jim, If you have 2 more I would like to buy them Thank X Humberto 847-549-0471
  11. Hi Every one I am looking to buy a 1941 Lincoln Continental for restoration call me crazy but I enjoy more the restoration proses in any case please call me 847-800+5124 coupe or convertible Thank X
  12. Hi just joint the forum wondering if you still have the 41 continental for sale please let me know ether way Thank X Humberto 847-800-5124
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