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  1. my 62 buick lesabre...
  2. it does look good as she stands, but i definitely want to do a complete resto over time....paint, interior, re-chrome, suspension, wheels, motor rebuild(possibly with some extra ponies)
  3. hello gentlemen and ladies, i just purchased my first classic buick, a 62 lesabre 4dr. i look forward to chatting and restoring my 62.
  4. hello everyone, i found this forum today and am really excited to join up. i have been searching for a mid 60's buick since the beginning of the year, my budget is under $5k and im hoping to pick up a car that has a running motor, but expecting to have to put some work in to the body and interior. not looking for a show car, but hoping to have a resto-mod look with some nicely tucked chrome 20's under the fenders. if you know of something that sounds like what im looking for, feel free to let me know...i want a lesabre or wildcat coupe, but sedan will be just as great