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  1. I checked the fuel level from the clear filter before and the gas didn't appear to be going back into the pump but I figured the electronic fuel pump would act as a good primer anyway....It still continued to have the same issues after running the car for a while
  2. I have the electric pump wired to the starting circuit but I also put a kill switch under the dash board. What will the check valve do?
  3. I sent the carb back to the guy that originally rebuilt it for me. I'll let you all know the out come
  4. Hello Guys I am new to the forum, I have a 1962 Lincoln Continental that I've been restoring that I'm having AC problems with. When I turn on the AC, air only blows through the vents on the door panel which leads to the back seat. The vents on the dash will not blow. Some body told me that It could be the vacum and It's possibly behind the dash but I cant figure out how to take the dash off and most importantly I dont want to take it off If I dont have to. If anybody has any knowldge or can give me some direction I would greatly appreciate it. Looking through the shop manual doesn't really tell me anything or maybe I 'm missing something (Also I took it to an AC mechanic and he said he didn't have enough experience and did not want to do the job)......Any good advise will do at this point
  5. I do have the original setup...I changed it recently to the clear filter, pressure guage and rubber fuel line so I can try and figure out what the problem was. It did the same thing with both. Recently I notice that it had fuel coming from the front portion of the carb after I shut the car off. I did have the new new electronic fuel pump still on though...
  6. Very Interesting Article...I'll definatly try that out. I just found a near by gas station that sells non ethanol unleaded gas. Even though is $4.19/gallon I may start using it. I only drive the car on weekends and occasions
  7. Thanks for the advice. most of the things that you mentioned I already have did. I had the original fuel pump rebuilt and I put a small fuel pump near the gas tank with a inline pressure gauge after the mechanical fuel pump. I also change the fuel filter to a clear type filter. The problem that I'm having is when I run the car or drive it for a while, after I shut the car off If I wait around 10 min it will have problems staying started. I would have to start it a couple times before it starts running correctly (almost as if it's flooding or a vapor lock). I had the carburetor rebuilt but I'm thinking that maybe they didn't do a good job
  8. I have a question in reference my 62 lincoln....I have a 1962 lincoln continental with the original motor and 2 barrel carb but I'm having trouble with the carb and I'm thinking about going with another 2 barrel carb....What are the pros and cons in your opinion? Also what other options do I have....without changing my intake
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