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  1. Took my rib on a long roadtrip. After an hour of extended hghway drivng above 50... The center console gets very hot near the drivers and passengers seat. There are 2 metal vent plates and they are too hot to touch... Also it gets hot near the gas pedal. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks for the swift reply... obviously I just picked up my Riviera (been hunting for one for 5 years). My other classic cars are early 70's Chevy... so this one had me scratching my head. The fact that they left it unlabeled in all the manuals / schematics tells me that it must've been common operating knowledge for early 60's vehicles and thus did not need instruction.
  3. Okay - under the dash on my 64 Riviera there is a button... and I cant find out what it does. It appears in the manual, but is unlabeled. It doesn't appear on wiring diagrams... yet there is a wire / cable running to it. I push it and nothing seems to happen... so I am wondering if maybe it is the reset button for the whole universe or something? If the sun keeps rising / setting wherever you are... I apologize, as I keep pressing this button and it must be linked to that.
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