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  1. Second round of samples came and there are errors. I didn't have the NOS gasket when we started so we were adding onto an old junky compressed gasket for the new ones and it wasn't working out too well. So long story short the first tooling is going in the trash and we are starting over by duplicating the OEM NOS gasket that we now have in hand. I know its for the best. Here's a teaser pic of the samples, probably the most gaskets you will ever see in one pic until the real ones are done. These are off to the trash!




  2. I would like to post a pure beneficial part number list and facts for Masi engines. Please don't reply or post on this as I would like to keep it clean and straight forward. If you would like to add something please PM me and I will include it, thank you all.

    Head gaskets: Factory .065, Cometic makes them, you can get them any thickness and Turbos Unleashed sells them cheaper than direct.

    Intake manifold gaskets: Cometic will sell direct if you call them

    Stock code: IR460012F

    Description: Dodge Maserati 2.2L Turbo .012" Fiber Intake Gasket

    Cost each: $6.25 each (2 needed per head)

    Exhaust manifold gaskets: Cometic will sell direct if you call them

    Stock code: EX557064AM

    Description: Dodge Maserati 2.2L Turbo .064" AM Exhaust Gasket

    Cost each: $8.01 each (4 needed per head)

    Head Studs: ARP 202-4302 or 202-4702 "undercut" $100-$130

    Factory oil restrictor in head: .065-.093

    Spark plugs: NGK 3932 DCPR7E or NGK DCPR8E the higher the number, the colder the plug.

    Plug wires: magnecore + part number of choice on google to see the pricing is about $125 for the largest 8.5mm red wire set and even less for the smaller ones. part numbers as follows 7mm black 47410, 8mm blue 40410, 8.5mm red 45410

    Cam seals: National oil seal 710308

    Tensioner bearing: SKF Bearing number: 6205 2ZJEM

    Tensioner: Factory early 8v tensioner with spacer washers

    Bucket shims: 31mm diameter

    Lash Specs:

    intake = 0.011"-0.0095"

    exhaust = 0.015"-0.013"

    Timing belt: GOODYEAR Part # 40120 $17

  3. Some item I am selling that may interest you guys. Everything is NOS. $80 for all 4 exhaust gaskets, $80 for a pair of intake gaskets required for a single motor, $40 for 4 valve cover spark plug gaskets. The NOS valve cover gasket and the additional 4 rings are mine for now. post-94844-143142446461_thumb.jpg


  4. Sent out payment for the mold, should be 2-3 weeks for the first prototype to return. Once it's verified to work I have another 2 weeks before the mother load comes in. This will include a full gasket with correct height matching spark plug gaskets. I'm going to try and work something out with the vendors to include this product as well. I will keep everyone posted.

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