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  1. So sorry to have to do this, but I'm that guy that took a good builder and has ruined it. I was going to make a 4 door sedan into a 5 window coupe, but I am moving to Thailand and dont have the time to finish the project and cant take it with me. It still needs a water pump rebuild and a distributor, but I did get the motor running before I started the metal work. coil was rebuilt by Skip Haney (12V negative ground). has clean title. carburetor rebuilt. brakes and master cylinder have been replaced. Nice whitewalls. Other than the drivers side modifications the car is 95% complete.
  2. I bypassed the gas tank for now and I'm just plumbed from the carb to a small fuel cell.
  3. I put a couple of teaspoons of Marvel mystery oil down each cylinder and can turn the motor by hand. I read on another site that in order to keep the motor from scoring from not having oil, I should solder fitting to bottom of a coffee can, run line to rear plug on block, let the last two of quarts of oil trickle in that way just before fire up. or as an alternative method i could also use pressurized container or external pump to blow oil in via one of the plugs at back. It wasn't exactly clear which plug in the back I should pump oil to. A picture would be nice if anyone has one. (Can I
  4. Looks like "scrape" recently crapped out at auction too. It sold for $66,000. The car had previously sold at the RM Auction at the Pebble Beach, CA Concours weekend for $275,000. [h=3]1939 Lincoln - Zephyr - "Scrape" Lot No. 527[/h]
  5. this board is awesome, thanks for the help
  6. I also located a vintage ford hub puller for $20. Would this work?
  7. Does this type hub require the KR Wilson hub puller. It doesn't have the groove that I was expecting to find.
  8. I was able to pull the lock out and had a key made for $15 bucks. Steering is now unlocked. Thanks everyone for your help.
  9. Thanks, I cant believe how high tech these cars are. Definitely ahead of their time.
  10. I just picked up this sedan but the wheels are locked. I read that some of them had a lock on the column but couldn't find one on mine. There was one key that came with the Z but it doesn't work in any of the locks. Is it possible that the dash ignition lock also locks the column? My next step is to try to pull one of the locks to get a key made. Is there a lock that is easier to get out then the others?
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