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  1. It's alive! it was the battery! Thanks
  2. Hello fellow Desoto owners! I used to work on cars my whole life then i joined the military got banged up and forgot much of what i used to know about cars. The only tool i have since i received my Desoto is a test light. The other day i went to start my car and it wouldn't start and sounded as if the battery was running out of juice. So i checked to see if fuel was flowing which it is, then i checked for spark and tested the spark plug wires and found that the coil wire was no good so i replaced all the wires. Now after i did that i went to start the car and nothing as if no electricity was going thru. I checked with my test light the voltage regulator and starter solenoid and they have power going to them. I followed all the wires that are associated to the coil and circut breaker on left inner fender by the battery and it seems that there is no power to the circuit breaker or coil. Can any one help a Vet out? Thank you so much Isaac Rodriguez
  3. List of items to complete my first new project. passenger rear quarter panel passenger quarter panel fender trim and molding Both headlight trim bezel reverse lens steering wheel interior door panels driver and passenger kick panels thanks isaac
  4. I'm new here. I'm wondering if you still have parts for a 49 desoto custom sedan? I'm looking for the passenger rear quarter fender and molding, headlight bezels, reverse lens, air cleaner, driver and passenger side front interior kick panels. thanks, isaac
  5. Hello I'm new here. How I received my car is something I never would imagine. From time to time I help out my uncle at his body shop. One day he calls me after work and sends numerous text messages stating to call him because he has good news. Well once I made time to call him he told me this, " you always work on everyone else's projects but not once have you ever bought one for you." At this time I had a feeling about something then he tells me, "I see that you are growing as a family and before you have your baby i think it's time to work on your own project. I have a vehicle for you but I want to make sure you are ok with it." Low and behold he gave me a 1949 DeSoto Custom Sedan.