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  1. Hello Charles, great of you to react very quickly via a PM, but I haven't heared from you since. For everyone reading this post, the 512121 is the L-head for a Pontiac straigth 8, the standard compression head. It's on my 1948 engine. I think I will need a new one but live in the Netherlands, Europe and it's impossible to find one here. The engine is now at the engineshop, we will see.
  2. Hi all, I'm in the midst of an engine rebuild and we want to paint the engine in the original dark green. Does anybody now a code for the color? And a supplier for that matter? I've found pictures of the first Oldsmobile with a Hydramatic from MY 1940. It moved from the Willow Run factory following the closing to the Delco Remy museum a few miles up the road. I hope the colorscheme is correct. I haven't found any other useable material (photos, books or anything else). So i'm going with it I guess. Thanks!
  3. This is my 1948 Streamliner 4 Door Sedan 8. I'm located in the netherlands and it's 1 of only 17 from 1948. We have 2 convertibles and no wagons in the Netherlands.
  4. Hi Charles999, We are now a half year further down the road, but do you still have the straigth 8 head?? Arjan
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