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  1. Well, Over the years I have gone to car shows , talked to those I could and did now and then do my best to search on line. A neighbor told me to try again as technology is better. If I am to believe the police I will never find it. Their answer was "it is probably in Mexico and you will never see it" they may well be right but, I will try again. Here is hoping.
  2. ECecil

    46 Lincoln CN

    The car was maroon in color and had cloth seats. I have no pictures of the car. My brother and I had the car and kept garaged, brother would not even allow it to be taken to car show. Something might happen! Sadly, he passed before he knew it was gone.Car was all original, no modifications of any kind.
  3. Looking fora 46 Lincoln CN ID H143328 plate 80097 stolen from Tacoma Wa approx 15 years ago. This car had been stored in a garage for years, original condition, tran had been sent back to Mich and re builtand was not in car. Car and tran were gone. Would appreciate any help. PD says I will never e see this car, well maybe not but there is always hope. They didn't get the top as it was rolled up overhead. Please help Thank you in advance .e-mail
  4. Would you keep your eye out for a 46 Lincoln CN ( or parts from ) this car was stolen from Tacoma Wa approx 15 years ago. Tran was rebuilt but not back in car , Motor ID H143328 I appreciate any help you might be able to give. my
  5. ECecil

    46 Lincoln CN

    Looking for a 46 Lincoln CN Motor ID 562773482 stolen in Tacoma WA. Whoever took it had to lowboy it out as the tran had been rebuilt but not put back in, they left the top which was stored overhead. This auto is still listed with Tacoma PD as stolen. I found it missing out of garage 1997 any help will be appreciated thank you Electa