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  1. I need this Part: Turn Signal Switch for my 89 TC. It is located in the steering column and has 3 harness connections. If you have this part, let me know and I will respond. Many thanks, Thom thom@datatechserv.com
  2. On the topic of switches, my 1989 TC's brake lights and turn signals are not working. I found a Turn Signal switch designed for the LeBaron, and it worked BUT, my original TC Turn Signal switch has 3 harnesses and the LeBaron only has two. The third harness connects the side cornering lights. Does anyone know how to fix this switch problem or where to get the correct Turn Switch with 3 harnesses? I could sure use the help because the cornering lights are a great feature that I want to preserve.
  3. Does anyone know what the cause of hard braking in my 89 TC? Is it electrical or mechanical or both? Can I risk driving the car to my mechanic (about 20 miles) or should I have it towed?
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