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  1. THanks for the feedback Mike. Unfortnately there's few options in Australia ther than off the shelf (i.e. Speedway) or a quick flight to the States. That said, doing research allows us to know in advance what we need so if by some chance a donor piece pops up, we can buy it. cheers Carly
  2. Hi, how did toy go with this? I have a 55 2drht Super, so I'm keen to know what fits (although shes wider). Cheers
  3. well we purchased new balls, they did seem slightly undersize and the new ones feel make the worm feel a lot firmer. The box is back in, but we're yet to do the gear oil. What have others used? 140W? We're yet to find 140W without it being 80-140w. The power steer side is filled. One she's filled we can test it.
  4. Thanks Bob. We'll look in to it. We're wondering if the worm is worn weather we could put a slightly larger ball to take up the slack. If they're not too costly we may try it while we're at it.
  5. They all 'look' to be of the same size and the worm play is the same as it was both before and after the pull down of that component. We've referred to the Shop manual every step of the way but there really hasn't been a whole bunch mentioned on the balls nor sizing that we can find? Our local steering shop did not want to do the re-build, so we embarked on it ourselves. We are hoping they may at least offer advice when we pop in there with some of the parts - at least their thoughts on the amount of play in the worm
  6. Hi, we've removed and stripped the steering gear box from our 55 Super with power steer. There is a bit of slop /play in the worm on the shaft. We hope to be able to find the original dimensions of the ball bearings and replace them if ours are smaller. Given we're in Australia we're hesitant to do anything to the worm itself. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the responses - greatly appreciated. When we rewired the old girl we had the column out at that point so have managed to jump that hurdle and know what we're in for at that end.
  8. Hi Would you ship them to Australia? If so, what would the total cost be? Our 55 Super needs a lot of love in the handling department! Cheers
  9. A question on your rebuild of the box - which book did you refer to? The Buick manual? We need to embark on this rebuild ourselves and being in Australia the parts and knowledge are hard to come by.
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