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  1. Hi 40zeph, thanks for the input.... I am indeed a proud owner, and having the history of my car back to 42 is great. I am "only" 35 which probably makes me the young guy in the crowd amongst prewar cont & zeph owners. I plan to join the lzoc soon.
  2. Hi Waldren, I have a continental, so that wouldn't work. I'm just going to have it repaired, prob better than replacing the whole fender...thanks!
  3. Exactly, do you have one? Pm with details if so, thanks.
  4. Hi John, the pic above your last post shows the dented hub on the cont kit pushed in by the middle taillights, that's the part I'm looking for. The tire metal cover piece is still intact and in good shape
  5. Hi John, I'm pretty new to this, haven't figured out how to post a pic on here...I could email you pic of what I'm talking about of my damaged piece....
  6. Hi Waldren, do you have a hub for the 42 continental trunk cover? Mine was dented last year.
  7. What a beauty! Can't wait to have mine as sharp as yours, wow!!
  8. So this is my first post on here, and I am an owner of a 42 Cabriolet (127/136)....grandfather bought it in July 1950, and now she's mine. The d/s fender got smashed during transport...and I may replace it. Anyone know or have a d/s front fender for sale? Thanks in advance, Joe
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