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  1. Thanks Lee, after I posted this I got under there and then I felt stupid after seeing the bolts. Got some off today....others got blasted and back at it tomorrow.
  2. Hi guys, it's been pretty quiet on my end for restoring my 42 Cabriolet. I plan to remove my driverside fender since it got banged up good. Looking under and around any of you vets have ideas or suggestions for a good way to remove the fender? As always, thanks in advance, Joey
  3. Beautifully restored Lee! Love it.
  4. 136 were made, you should order the build sheet, it's worth the $20, mines 127, built the day before production stopped. They're beauts n worth saving. How'd it get "dropped" in your lap?
  5. So I got to thinking, does the cabriolets in 42 have the trunk lined with material or rubber flooring? Mines always been bare except the underside of the lid. Any pics? Thanks guys, Joe
  6. Congrats Douglas, what line # is yours, do you know? You should get the build sheet to yours, it's nice to have. Mines 127/136, made 1-14-42, so next day was the last of email.
  7. Thanks guys, this confirms what I thought. Really appreciate your time today. I'll get pics back up here of her soon.
  8. Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've posted on here, haven't done much with my 42 since last fall. The question I post today, it's my understanding that the body is welded to the frame on my 42 Cabriolet....henceforth there is no "frame off" restoration. Someone I've spoken to, who says there completed 100 plus restorations, and wants the job of doing some of the restoration is trying to say otherwise, and I know this Lincoln forum is reliable and knowledagble. Thanks in advance!
  9. Guess that makes 3 buckeyes. Except 2 are in Fla. Lol.
  10. Nice pics, you are further along on your 42 than I am on mine. Thanks for sharing
  11. Hi Lee, give me a call to talk, 407-782-4289, I'm in Volusia county. Thanks
  12. Just a little update, been working on stripping her down for almost a month now...sorry for the sideways shots....engine & trans should come out in about 4 weeks...meeting with body shops this week.
  13. Ok I signed up a few weeks ago; making me 3rd generation in family...grandpa started in '53....got my welcome book and lcoc comments in the mail this week.
  14. 40zeph, I've been doing just that before, during and after every step...plus tagging every item as it comes off the car =)
  15. Thanks John & Larry, I found the bolts in those places as you both said...today I got most of the convertible top material off, shopvacced the trunk, engine etc. Day 1 off restoration, & sore. Lol
  16. Hi everyone, I'm getting really excited, I'm moving my 42 into the garage Monday for breakdown and the beginning of restoration! It's my understanding that the 42 frames were welded off the line, is it possible to remove the fenders? My ds front is dented, needs work....plus how do I get the hood ornament off? I don't see bolts below under the hood, so any advice is welcomed. I plan to get pics posted starting Monday of the old girl., I'm a lucky guy.
  17. So I found what I believe to be the s/n to my `42 Lincoln engine....please help me. I need to track down & find out what year my engine is, are there resources out there to use and research? What I have is: 06h-6049-b2 Thanks in advance, Joe
  18. Hey everyone, so I will start my 42 Cabriolet restoration soon, and I stopped by this shop yesterday who told me to remove the (37 or 38 zepher trans) there's a rear link that needs to be pulled out. My plans were to just pull the engine sand trans out separately at home but he sure tried to sell me that it was a lot more complicated and he should put it on a lift and lower it...so I'm reaching out for opinions and thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  19. I'm going to convert my 42 Cabriolet to electric power windows.
  20. Mine was built 1/14/42....127 & 9 more cabriolets built after mine. Having the build sheet is pretty cool.
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