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  1. Also don't overlook my interest in old bikes and motorized bikes has trade. Old rust could be has good as gold!! thanks for the interest, Fred
  2. Hi 65Starfire, I'm prob not the right person to ask that, I don't know. Maybe someone on the forum might add their wisdom.
  3. Thanks for your interest C. Douglas Johnson I'm asking 100 + shipping but JimZepher pm me first. If he declines its yours.
  4. Beltfed need a radio for that 1938? Check out my miss labeled 1937 radio post. Fred
  5. Sorry Mssr. Bwatoe just whats in the photos, but please save this from the scrap bin!!!!
  6. Thank you Colin Spong for the correction and installation instructions offer!! Hopefully I can find it a new home!!
  7. I have been storing this in the garage way too long!!.....................................<<<<<<<< SOLD Someone here must be in need of this beauty. 1938 L-1560 Lincoln Zephyr Radio...........<< DATE CORRECTION FS / or trade interests : Motorized bicycles pre 1950's Bicycles form the late 1890's Thanks Fred in California
  8. Thanks to search engines I got a hit on this thread. I happen to have this radio and dial, with the instructions above all I need is the car, lol 1st post so after some pictures to take, I'll find the correct thread to place it for sale or trade. Beautiful car I might add.
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