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  1. Hello, I'm looking for any fafnir shackle/leaf spring parts that are compatable with a 1928 Studebaker President. I have heard some Pierce Arrow cars had the same shackles. A bad shackle has stalled my project. Thank you for any help or info! -Littlepresident
  2. That could be what I need. I'll have to ask the spring builder if that all seems to jive. The arch is the key info for me. Thank you for checking into that for me! -Evan
  3. Thank you everyone for the postings thus far. I am trying to get in contact with the Studebaker Museum now for the blueprints/measurements. Still open for any paperwork or service info on the matter. Trying to learn as much as I can!
  4. Im trying to get new leaf springs made for my fb president 8. Mine have gone flat and are cracking. Found a good shop that can make new ones using my old ones, except we don't know what the arch is supposed to be. If anyone knows what they are supposed to be, it would be a great help! Thanks! -Evan
  5. I have the vacuum wiper control with the arm and blade. The control looks pretty good. I still need to test if it functions. The other components are rusty and probably pretty weak.
  6. I have a starter and generator for the 1928 fb. Don't know if they are the same model. Starter is Delco Remy model 724-H Generator is Delco Remy 955C Generator has the shaft out the back to run the water pump.
  7. I have lots of 1928 FB president parts for sale. Engine, trans, drive train, cowl, doors, axles, brake parts and much more. Fairly rough, but tons of usable stuff. Ask for anything you might need/want.
  8. Not sure if it matters, but I do have the entire rear axle that I could stand to part with if it could possibly work. Matter of fact I have additional parts besides that if anybody is interested. -Complete Straight 8 with accessories -Complete trans -Drive shaft -Front axle wheel to wheel -Rear axle wheel to wheel -Exhaust pipe and flange -Louvered engine compartment panels -Complete Hood
  9. Completely new to all this. Gonna give it a shot. I have a complete 1928 FB President straight 8 engine with all accessories, transmission, drive line and rear axle for sale. Going to try to get some pictures up asap. If there is any interest let me know!
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