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    Amazing space inside. I'm 6'+. Can't put the seat all the way back.
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    Half the power. Twice the headroom!
  3. Yikes! Anyway, different icm in a 1991.
  4. Wow! So many great posts here! Pump and all is in. The tank was really rusty on top so I put in a new tank too. As everyone has said: might as well while it's out. (The fuel filter had been replaced a week before but had no effect.) And... Perfect! Or should I say purrrfect?! I never realized or had totally forgotten how much power this car has. At least compared to what it was. I drove to several places, shut of the car, started several minutes later; perfect starts everytime! In the end, we can't really know what it was. Everything was replaced and checked for proper assembly. My guess is fuel pump. Duh! Things fixed along the way: regulator ( smell of gas problem), oil pressure sensor ( flakey readings when warm), fuel filter ( just 'cause), pump, tank, etc. All told, maybe $350 in parts. Not too bad! And a chance to meet you guys! Thanks! Thanks a million!
  5. Either way, since it's apart, the new pump goes in. There are several things it could be other than the pump. But as the tank is down, the new pump and sock go in and everything will get assembled correctly. Truth is, if this solves the problem, we won't really know what the problem was. If it doesn't, I'm back to square one. Well, actually, at least a couple more things have been eliminated. But I still don't understand how the pump can put out a consistant 20 psi without failing outright at some point. Does anyone have a '91 and know that 40+ psi is the right pressure?
  6. Ok. I ordered the pump through The Reatta Store. I also ordered the strainer and gasket set. Will I need any special tools? What else? Wish me luck!
  7. I hear you! Just want to be sure. It's a pretty big job and I will continue to replace things that need replacing anyway. FPR was leaking. Didn't fix my problem but it did solve one problem. Fuel filter had 82k miles and 24 years on it. Needed replacing. Pressure sensor is causing reading issues. Needs replacing. I don't feel like I'm wasting money. Yet! But in the end I'm more and more convinced of what you are saying. Could be next weekend's project! Yeehaw!
  8. I changed the filter. Same thing. 20 psi and car starts. Seems to run fine although I haven't driven it yet. Can not get 12v at green connector. I even cut it off and wrapped the wire around thr VOM lead. Nadda!
  9. I also want to mention something else I've noticed. It doesn't happen all of the time and it's unrelated to engine temp. Sometimes when I want to accelerate hard the power seems to fall totally flat. The engine doesn't stumble it just seems to loose about 100 hp. It only does that when I try to accelerate hard not while I'm driving. It seems to do it around 3000 rpm. Hit the gas at around 2k and the car pulls hard to about 3k and then falls flat. If I let off and try it again all is normal. Another wierd one but the problems almost have to be related.
  10. I haven't given up. Just life gets in the way. The car is starting harder now on initial startup ie when cold. I have to touch the gas peddle a little right after it starts to get it to idle smoothly. Then it runs ok. When I'm on the open road the car seems to run fine. Power is actually quite good. I bought a filter and a new oil pressure sender/fuel pump switch. I know the one I have is bad cause my gauge goes nuts when the car is all warmed up. I just don't know if it has anything to do with my issue. I couldn't get a reading on the green connector. It's pretty oxidized. But even though I can't get a reading the car is running so there must be at least some voltage going to the pump. The question about how much fuel is in the tank is a good one. It doesn't seem to matter how much is in the tank. Plus, the car runs fine as long as I'm driving. So I can't make the case 100% for a new fuel pump. Except the 20psi. The only thing that has improved is the smell of gas is gone since I changed the FPR. But I didn't read the pressure before I did that. Could I have put in a bad FPR? But that doesn't explain why the pressure drops to about 5 psi when I try to do a restart. Which is where my problem is! Anyway, I'm going to put the fuel filter and sending unit in today. Really trying to narrow down everything before putting in a new pump.
  11. I'm trying to get a voltage reading but I can't seem to make good contact with the (green) primer connector. Even when the car starts there is no movement. I will try again after work...
  12. I just came to mind when I read the description on your website. It does double duty. Oil pressure and fuel pump switch. Thought I'd throw it out there.
  13. One last symptom that I didn't think was related but someone might think otherwise. When my car is fully warmed up my oil pressure gauge goes a little crazy. Goes from normal reading then jumps to max for a moment and goes back and forth. Been that way for a long time. Only happens when the car is fully warm.
  14. I think we're getting closer. I went to drive home, turned the ignition, had about 16-17 psi.I started the car and had about 20 psi. Normal at this point for my car. It stumbles a bit off the line but soon warms up and does ok on the open road. I got home and shut it off. Put the gauge on it, turn on the ignition, 16-17 psi. Started, running fine, 20 psi. I went inside, drank a beer, went outside about 15 minutes later, checked the gauge, it read about 28psi. Wierd! I started it, it stumbled badly like it always does at this point, gauge reads 20 psi. I shut it off. At this point I'm scratching my head. So I bleed all of the pressure out of the fuel system with the gas run-off valve on the gauge. Normal takes a second. This time takes a long time. Like a minute. It's going down but really slow. I'm thinking "fuel pump is still on!" But it goes down to zero eventually. Then I turn the ignition key; 5 psi. Turn it off, turn it on; 5 psi. Open the gas cap and try it again; 5 psi. Try to start car: car won't even fire! Same problem as always.