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  1. There you go.
  2. Hi just to let ya'll know that I'm selling a 1957 Caballero on E-bay. I have no time to put it together, because I'm moving.
  3. Thank you all for all your posts and I'm still trying to make up my mind. I'm leaning to selling, yes the job is very doable but I just don't have the space & time right now. Have a bunch of parts for the front end already. Also about the 57 Buick frames: I checked and measured and on the 57 Convertible the rear part of the X-brace is 1/4" thick plate metal and the front part of the X-brace is 3/16". On hardtops the brace is 1/8". So convertibles that year had a heavier X brace. Thank you Gary from Indiana for checking it out on the hardtop frame, my shop guy checked the same and compared it with my Caballero. The frame rails thickness is the same on the convertible & hard tops 1/8" Also I experienced vibration just before the blowout, I braked at that point and the tire blew, the rest is history. I'm just glad that me and my girl are ok now. The tires were diamondbacks and had not many miles on them, profile was really good, and they did get enough use to not dry out. I checked them regularly for pressure, damage and wear. Will not buy those again........ever. Greetings from New Jersey. Dirk PS: Rowan782 that's a great picture!. I have a similar picture of my youngest boy watching fireworks a few years ago on July 4th.
  4. Gary from South Bend Indiana, thank you!. That's what I figured, thank you for your research. I will see if I can get the car in my garage and start the work. Also thank you for the tips about jacking the entire car up and dropping the frame from you Gary and Greg from Canada. I will do some investigating on how I can accomplish all this and if I will proceed with this. Will keep you posted. To SaddleRider, no I was not speeding I was on a 2-lane not wide country road, contributing factor was that I was going downhill and these cars carry a lot of mass. Thank you Marty Ross, yes that's the seatbelts I had in my car and they probably saved me and my girls life or from way more serious injuries. Also thank you for the advice on insurance companies.
  5. Thank you for your response. To make a long story short I had insurance but not close enough to cover a repair, frame replacement or straightening by a repair shop. That would easy run into $20 to $30 K. So now I'm stuck with either doing the majority of the work myself or selling the car. The frame in the front end is almost a foot bent out of it original position. thanks all.
  6. I own a 57 Buick Special Convertible that I crashed because of a sudden tire blow out on July 4th, on the way to watch the fireworks. I have owned the car for about 10 years and a full restoration was done on the car. It was a beauty and I always loved the reaction from people seeing the car floating (yes those Dynaflows make the car float) down the street or parkway. It was pretty traumatic all in all, glad both my girlfriend and I came out alive, thank god. No airbags & just waist seatbelts! Now I'm looking forward and trying to make my mind up what to do with the car. From this great AACA community , which has also helped me in getting my Caballero restored (still ongoing) I would like to get some good advise, since I love classics and don't know what is the reasonable thing to do with this car. Since I hit a telephone pole on the driver side (yes during a blow out, you can steer all you want but the car tells you where you go, I went across the oncoming lane and ended against the telephone pole on the other side of the road ) the frame is bend and that needs to be replaced, for sure (that's what my body shop told me). Are all 57 Buicks frames the same? I have a regular spaced garage so I think it will be hard to exchange the frame in a regular garage. I currently have no budget to have a garage do it. Anybody can give me advise on this who has done a frame exchange themselves, what is involved & the sequence? Also I will need a new front end bumper/grill/fender & hood set, most likely also the entire front suspension. So I will be looking for a 57 donor car, any leads out in the AACA community? Or should I sell it as is and have someone else do with the car what he/she wants? See below some pictures of the car after the accident. The last picture pre 4th of July. Any guidance on the above is appreciated. Thanks Dirk
  7. Hi, I am looking for the roof trim (9 stainless pieces) for my 57 Caballero project? Do you happen to have these? THX Dirk
  8. Hi Buick guys, I am looking for the roof trim (9 stainless pieces) for my 57 Caballero project? Anyone knows some leads? THX Dirk
  9. Hi I'm looking for the 9 pieces of roof trim for a 57 Caballero, do you have any or maybe know someone that has those? THX Dirk
  10. TG thank you very much! If any one has a set on this thread please let me know. thx, Dirk
  11. Pete,'s answer was negative, so yes I'll take the glove box liner. you can email me regarding payment. thx Dirk
  12. Thanks Pete,<o:p></o:p> I am waiting to hear back from who mentioned that they may get the 57 glove box liners in Dec 2014. If it's negative I/m definitely interested; is it besides the re-glued part in sturdy shape?<o:p></o:p> Re the 57 sweep spears I believe all 57 Buick 4-door models had the same design (correct me if I am wrong!). There should be 1 piece for the front fender, 1 piece for the front door, 2 pieces for the rear door (the v-shaped "spear point" which has a splice right in the point) and 1 piece for the rear fender. So for left and right 10 pieces total. If you look up any picture of a 57 Caballero on the internet it should be easy to figure out if you have those. If so could you shoot a picture to Thanks Dirk<o:p></o:p>
  13. Question: I am trying to locate sweep spears (left & right) for my 57 Buick Caballero Estate Wagon which is undergoing complete restoring now. Were the sweep spears for all 57 Buick 4-door models the same? If anyone has a set for sale please let me know. Also looking for the 9 rear top of roof moldings which are each about 4-5 feet long.
  14. I am looking for 57 Buick Caballero Estate Wagon sweep spears and the 9 stainless roof strips (each about 5' long each) for this car?
  15. Does anybody know where to get after market glove boxes for year 57 buick? I found one for my 57 Special Convertible but lost the name and place I got it from. THX