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  1. I am interested in a possible purchase. Please let me know if she is interested in selling and if there is any more information about the Hollier that you can send my way. Thank you Eddie GreenLeaf and my email is leafg0306@gmail.com
  2. Thank you! I am the original post about the Hollier 8. I am still on the site.
  3. Thank you nzcarnerd! This is great information! The facebook post is actually part of my research with a car club from Ireland! The power of social media! Thank you so much for the information. Leaf5817
  4. Thank you for the replies. It is a Hollier Eight that was manufactured in Chelsea, Michigan, but through the search somewhere the name changed to Vincent Hollier Eight in the UK. Thank you so much and let the hunt continue....
  5. For years I have been looking to come in contact with someone who owns a Vincent Hollier Eight. The automobile was built in my home town of Chelsea, Michigan. I have been close on the trail for many years and have been very close a few times. I have a gentleman's phone number who owned one in Ireland, but have not had any luck making contact with him. Any help would be great! Thank you in advance!
  6. I am looking to chase down a Hollier 8. I have been very close, but life happens. I found a lead in Texas and missed the phone connection by two weeks. Found another that had been purchased by an antique car dealer in Europe. He sold the car and could not give me information on the purchaser. I am looking for this car and the possibilities it may bring. Present purchase? Future purchase? Car ride? Pictures? Friendship? The Hollier 8 was built in my hometown of Chelsea, Michigan. It would be great if there is still one out there? Thank you
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