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  1. Please relax reatta owner, just buy my parts lol
  2. What do you need my friend? All in beautiful shape. List what you need and the price range you'd be willing to pay
  3. Ok I will do that when I get home I'm in niagara right now. I still have the reatta booklet with the reatta pen aswell and I have the cigarette lighter too! Any ideas what there worth? If anything?
  4. Can you upload a picture of the ebreak ratchet and I can remove for you. Maybe ill upload vin if need be for you guys. I wont over charge anyone I would rather see the parts used instead of in the wreckers
  5. Your welcome, its red exterior, grey interior no sunroof, also how do I find the model year?
  6. Just let me know what parts you need, this was my fathers car, he has no interest in fixing it anymore, it sat at his place for awhile before i brought it back to life, Currently i have no room to keep or work on it, i have to get rid of it, I have slowly taken parts off, If you need anything before this beast goes to the scrappers, let me know. Just email me with what you need, most offers I probably wont refuse because I know how hard it is to get parts. worst case senario i will have a pile of parts, and I will just scrap the frame and what not. this car was a non smoker one owner till my f
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